SUTD PhD Programme
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The SUTD PhD Programme offers you a chance to collaborate with the best in their fields.

We share and support your passion for innovation and dedication to breakthrough research that will make a difference to the world. Our PhD Programme has been designed to offer you:

  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative research opportunities
  • Access to multiple world-class faculty with co-supervision flexibility
  • Leading-edge research experience through potential overseas research attachments at top universities worldwide
  • Close research collaborations and exposure to industry through local or overseas internships
  • Participation in a multi-disciplinary design experience
  • Professional development programme and teaching experience
  • Attractive scholarship funding

Be a part of the SUTD PhD Programme that will groom you to be a trend-setter and leader in your field of expertise, excelling as faculty in world-class institutions and key innovative researchers and scientists in the industry.


Our PhD students choose to pursue a PhD under one of our 4 pillars upon enrolment and will graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy degree under the same pillar.  The PhD curriculum and graduation requirements are pillar-specific and we invite you to visit our pillars’ websites for further details.

In general, PhD Programme students are required to pass the following in order to graduate:

  • Coursework requirements
  • Oral and/or written examination
  • Submission of a thesis for examination board's approval

Candidature Period (Full-Time)

  • Minimum Residency: 3 years
  • Maximum Residency: 5 years

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for the PhD Programme starts in September and ends the following August. Each academic year is divided into 3 semesters where coursework is taken:

  1. September to December
  2. January to April 
  3. May to August

Research Centres in SUTD

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