Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018

The project (Ultra) Light Network, conceptualized by Assistant Professor Carlos Bañón and Assistant Professor Felix Raspall of the Architectural Intelligence Research Lab (AIRLAB), has received the Second Award at the Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018, in the category of Pop-Ups and Temporary (Built).

Installed at i Light Marina Bay 2017, the (Ultra) Light Network is an interactive light sculpture which explores the seamless connectivity achieved using 3D-printed components. Composed of 715 polycarbonate squared tubes, the tetrahedral mesh spans 10 meters wide and illuminates in response to movements below it.
The Architecture, Construction & Design Awards is hosted by international architecture platform Rethinking the Future. 768 entries were received for the competition in 2018, coming from more than 50 countries.

AIRLAB Awarded Finalist at the SDA 2019
The Architectural Intelligence Research Lab (AIRLAB) at SUTD was awarded Finalist at the Singapore Design Awards (SDA) 2019, under two disciplines: Placemaking and Multidisciplinary.
AIRLAB was co-founded in 2016 by Assistant Professor Felix Raspall and Assistant Professor Carlos Bañón, both of the Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) pillar. The AIRLAB uses state-of-the-art technology and parametric design to reduce the usage of material while increasing structural performance, to deliver a new conception of informed lightness in Architecture.

Assistant Professor Carlos Banon and his team win the International Ideas Competition - Coastal Passage of Alicante

Assistant Professor Carlos Banon (ASD Pillar) and his team has won the International Ideas Competition – Coastal Passage of Alicante. Prof Carlos is also co-founder of Subarquitectura Architects Spain, which collaborated with Grupo Aranea to submit the winning entry, “My Connected Archipelago”.

The team used parametric design thinking and digital design techniques in this project, which Prof Carlos describes as “a large intervention where sustainable considerations, articulation of the existing landscape and an ecologic principles have been considered.

The competition, announced by Alicante City Council, is an open international contest to re-masterplan the 20 kilometre-long coastline of Alicante.

Carlos Banon
Andres Silanes
Fernando Valderrama

Francisco Leiva
Marta Garcia-Chico

Associate Provost (Undergraduate Studies and SUTD Academy) Professor Pey Kin Leong has been recognised by the International Integrated Reliability workshop (IIRW 2018) and the IEEE Electron Device Society (EDS) as one the top 20 experts in the world on electronic transistor Front End reliability

Professor Pey was present at the IIRW 2018 workshop, which took place from 8 October to 12 October 2018 at the Stanford Sierra Conference centre in South Lake Tahoe, US.

During the experts’ forum at the workshop, Professor Pey shared his expertise and insights at the inaugural Reliability Experts Forum during the inaugural Reliability Experts Forum which was held on 9 October. He shared his expertise and insights on front end reliability with other experts who debated industry literature, device physics and the challenges facing each of the key transistor Front End reliability mechanisms – time-dependent gate oxide breakdown (TDDB), bias temperature instability (BTI) and hot carrier degradation.

Professor Pey’s recognition demonstrates not just the technical depth and rigour of SUTD’s research efforts, but also the University’s commitment to seeking innovative and ground-breaking solutions to industry-relevant challenges. 

2018 MRS iMatSci Innovator Award

Innovation: A Design for a Better Type of Memory. Potentially Eliminating the Need for RAM and Flash Drive

Assistant Professor Desmond Loke and his team received the 2018 Materials Research Society (MRS) iMatSci Innovator award for their work on the design for a better type of memory. The team participated in the iMatSci Innovation Showcase which was held between 25 and 30 November 2018, at Boston, Massachusetts.

Prof Loke’s team developed a new type of phase-change memory device which is as fast as RAM and packs even more storage capacity than flash.

ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA) 2018

The ICS:BlockOpS technology, developed by iTrust, was awarded Gold medal for the Research and Development category at the AICTA 2018

The technology uses blockchain to enhance the security of the data in a Historian, thus enables data immutability, redundancy, and privacy. The architecture also permits the rapid generation of alert when data is tampered with, and initiates quick recovery in case the data is actually changed. 

Associate Professor Tony Quek, Acting Head of Pillar for Information Systems Technology and Design, Named in Global Highly Cited Researchers 2018 List

For the third consecutive year, Associate Professor Tony Quek has been listed in the Global Highly Cited Researchers list for 2018.

Now in its fifth year, the list by Clarivate Analytics identifies influential researchers as determined by their peers around the globe, having consistently won recognition in the form of high citation counts with multiple papers ranking in the top 1% by citations for their field and year. Data for this citation analysis is taken from the Web of Science, which is the world’s most trusted and largest publisher-neutral citation index. This year’s list includes 17 Nobel laureates, including two announced this year: James P. Allison, Physiology or Medicine, and William D. Nordhaus, Economic Sciences.

Associate Professor Tony’s research topics include wireless communications and networking, security, big data processing, network intelligence, and IoT.

Read more about Associate Professor Tony here.

Innovation Prize at Purmundus Challenge 2018

SUTD’s research on the use of cellulose as 3D printing material, co-led by Assistant Professor Javier Gomez Fernandez and Assistant Professor Stylianos Dritsas (supported by IDC, DMAND and NAMIC), won the Innovation Prize at the Purmundus Challenge 2018. Inspired by oomycetes, the fungal-like adhesive material (FLAM) is strong, lightweight, cost-effective and most importantly fully biodegradable. The team has also presented a new perspective for additive manufacturing which proposes for a sustainable approach to 3D printing using natural materials.

The Purmundus Challenge is part of Formnext, which is the leading exhibition and conference dedicated to additive manufacturing. There were a total of 34 finalists in this year’s challenge.

SUTD Celebratory Dinner - Recognising Outstanding Service to SUTD

At the SUTD Celebratory Dinner on 30 October 2018, we recognised the contributions of out-going Board of Trustees:

  • Professor Quek Tong Boon
  • Mr Philip Jeyeratnam
  • Ms Jennie Chua
  • Mr Anthony Sun

We also took the opportunity to celebrate with winners of the National Day Awards 2018:

  • Public Administration Medal (Gold) - Professor Thomas Magnanti - President Emeritus
  • Public Administration Medal ( Bronze) - Dr. Wong Woon Kwong - Director (OTEM)
  • Commendation Medal - Assistant Professor Yeo Kang Shua (ASD Pillar)
  • Commendation Medal - Assistant Professor Foong Shaohui (EPD Pillar)
  • Long Service Medal - Ms Chia Wai Foong (President’s Office)
  • Long Service Medal - Yeo Lay Pheng (Office of Student Affairs)

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Design Theory and Methodology Award

Professor Kristin L. Wood, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, received the Design Theory and Methodology (DTM) Award at the ASME 2018 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE), held in Quebec, Canada. This award recognises sustained and meritorious contributions to research; education; service; training of researchers or practitioners; overall leadership in advancing the field; or any combination of these in the field of Design Theory and Methodology.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Best Paper Award

The robotics team at SUTD Temasek Lab, led by EPD Assistant Professor Soh Gim Song received Mechanisms and Robotics Best Paper Award at the ASME 2018 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE), held in Quebec, Canada. The award is presented in recognition of their research contribution presented in “A bio-inspired miniature climbing robot with bilayer dry adhesives: design, modelling and experimentation”. The team comprises Ms. Audelia G. Dharmawan, Dr Priti Xavier, Mr David Anderson, Mr Blake Perez, Dr Hassan H Hariri, Assistant Prof Gim Song Soh, Assistant Prof Foong Shaohui, Assistant Prof Avinash Baji, Associate Prof Roland Bouffanais, Associate Prof Hong Yee Low and Prof Kristin Wood. 

National Day Award - Distinguished Service Order

For his contributions to Singapore and advancing the nation’s tertiary education landscape, Mr Philip Ng is awarded the Distinguished Service Order.

Mr Philip Ng is the Founding Chairman of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He served from 2008-2016. He led the conceptualisation and development of SUTD, Singapore’s fourth autonomous university, nurturing it from its initial founding, into a world-class tertiary institution today. Mr Ng’s efforts laid strong foundations for SUTD in innovation and technology and put in place SUTD’s vision to build a better world by design. 
Mr Ng played a significant role in establishing partnerships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University. These contributed to the development of SUTD’s design-centric, and multi-disciplinary pedagogy and curriculum.
Mr Ng is active in various spheres of public service. He serves on the SingHealth Property Committee, MOH Holdings Healthcare Infrastructure and Planning Committee, Chinese Development Assistance Council and Sentosa-Harbourfront Precinct Steering Committee Advisory Group. Mr Ng also served on the Constitutional Commission to review the Elected Presidency. He was Chairman of Sentosa Development Corporation, and was the Ambassador (Non-Resident) to the Republic of Argentina and the Republic of Chile. 

National Day Award - The Public Administration Medal (Gold)

For his contributions, Professor Thomas Magnanti is awarded the Public Administration Medal (Gold).

Professor Thomas Magnanti was the founding President of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) when it was established as Singapore’s fourth Autonomous University in 2009. 
His visionary leadership drove SUTD to organise itself in a novel way. Organising by clusters better supported the interdisciplinary nature of SUTD’s programmes and strengthened SUTD’s research capabilities.

President*s Design Award 2018

The Future of Us Pavilion, designed by Professor Thomas Schroepfer, Professor & Director, Advanced Architecture Laboratory and SUTD faculty, researchers and students, received the President*s Design Award (Designs of the Year).
Jury citation: The Future of Us Pavilion is a bold move in the Singapore design landscape. The successful form-finding exercise as a means of determining an intrinsically efficient structural and load-resisting form is commendable. Through the parametric and algorithmic approach, the designers have created a futuristic structure that has pushed the boundaries of design, fabrication and construction methods. The high level of integration between digital technology and building processes allowed for the rapid production of a large number of individual micro-forms that make up the overall structure. The pavilion form also optimises material usage and minimises the embodied carbon footprint. This makes the pavilion a forerunner to many impressive current and future buildings. Such successful utilisation of innovative technologies point the way forward for the industry to adopt similar design and construction methods.
In 2017, the pavilion became a permanent landmark in the Gardens by the Bay.  Renamed "The Silver Pavilion”, it plays host to important public festivals and events and has become a valuable public asset that contributes to advancing Singapore community and culture.
The President*s Design Award (P*DA) is Singapore’s highest honour for designers and designs across all disciplines. It recognises the achievements of an extraordinary group of people making a difference to the lives of Singaporeans and the global community through excellent design.

EPD Professor Yang Hui Ying received Nanotechnology Physics Medal

Prof. Yang is an innovator and pioneer of advanced materials science, such as function engineering and synthesis of low dimensional nanomaterials, for a variety of high-efficient devices and technologies with applications in sustainable energy and environment. Her team is leading the research efforts in exceptional nanomaterials and their applications in effective energy storage devices as well as scalable water purification. Her research has contributed to develop effective solutions by advancing the current science and technology to address the worldwide energy and water scarcity and offer opportunities with economic and social benefits to society. 

The Nanotechnology Physics Medal is one of the prestigious awards given to Singapore researchers who are working in the field of nanotechnology. The Nanotechnology Physics Prize was instituted by the Council of the Institute of Physics in February 2005. 

Talent Brand
SUTD ranks second amongst peers in Talent Brand Index on Linkedin. This metric evaluates the attractiveness of the brand in terms of talent acquisition. 

Institute of Human Resource Professional (IHRP) Master Professional certification

Jaclyn Lee, Senior Director, Human Resources (HR) and Head HR Tech and Analytics has been awarded the Institute of Human Resource Professional (IHRP)’s Master Professional certification that was conferred by Minister Josephine Teo, Prime Minister's Office & Second Minister for Manpower & Second Minister for Home Affairs and Goh Swee Chen, Vice President, Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF).

This certification denotes the national HR certification framework and serves to strengthen the HR best practices.

More about Institute of Human Resource Professional certification

Nine SUTD projects awarded the Singapore Good Design Mark in 2018

Of the nine SG Mark winners, four were from the Industry category, three from the Life category and two from the Social category.



  • Potato Pirates designed by Codomo (Aditya Batura, Fendy Lieanata, Lim Jia Xuan, Seah Tat Leong)
  • Instability Desk designed by Yogiaman Tracy Design, SUTD(Kenneth Tracy)
  • Pocket Money designed by Ring Theory / SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (Edward Tiong, Jack Zhang, Kenneth Teo, Delane Foo)

Smart Nation

Three projects; namely Potato Pirates, Instability desk and TIM: Tree Inspection Microdrone, are currently exhibited at Changi Airport Terminal 4.

The Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) is a benchmark for good design and quality. It acknowledges and affirms companies and individuals who have generated signigicant value by focusing on human needs and experience and providing solutions in their products and serices in order to enhance industrial development and enrich lives responsibility. SG Mark is an initiative led by the Singapore Design Business Chamber to encourage good design according to international standards of quality.

EPD Assistant Professor Ye Ai’s paper on microfluidics was recently accepted for publication in the Physical Review Letters

EPD Assistant Professor Ye Ai’s paper on microfluidics was recently accepted for publication in the Physical Review Letters scientific journal, which is published weekly by the American Physical Society and ranked as 1st  among physics and mathematics journals in the world.
Ye Ai’s research (Self-Aligned Acoustofluidic Particle Focusing and Patterning in Microfluidic Channels from Channel-Based Acoustic Waveguides) studied a novel acoustofluidic phenomenon for precise microfluidic manipulation, which arises from a unique interaction between acoustic waves and microscale channel walls. Based on this study, Ye Ai’s team was able to use the microfluidic channels as waveguides for localising and shaping acoustic field in the liquids. They demonstrated that this effect could produce one- and two-dimensional particle patterning self-aligned to the channels, with the singular use of a one-dimensional sound wave field.
This work is a quantum leap towards developing simpler and robuster acoustofluidic devices without channel resonance conditions or sophisticated alignment of acoustic transducers. This paper was also highlighted by the journal’s editors as an Editors’ Suggestion, which demonstrates the innovativeness and broad appeal of Ye Ai’s paper to the journal’s audience.

L'Oréal Singapore For Women In Science National Fellowship 2017

EPD Assistant Professor Dawn Tan has been awarded the L’Oréal Singapore For Women In Science National Fellowship 2017—Physical Science. 

The L’Oréal Singapore for Women in Science National Fellowships programme aims to recognise and award talented women in the field of science.

About Assistant Professor Dawn Tan

Associate Professor Tony Quek elected as IEEE Fellow

Associate Professor Tony Quek is recognized for his outstanding achievements in the field of heterogeneous and wireless networks. Each year, the IEEE Fellow Committee recommends a select group of recipients for elevation to IEEE Fellow. Less than 0.1% of voting members are selected for this member grade elevation.

Associate Professor Tony Quek named as a 2017 Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researcher in the field of Computer Science.

The 2017 Highly Cited Researchers list by Clarivate Analytics identifies the most frequently cited researchers as determined by the extent to which their papers have supported, influenced, inspired and challenged other researchers around the globe. Associate Professor Tony Quek is one of the 26 Highly Cited Researchers 2017 named from Singapore institutions. 

Highly Cited Papers are defined as those that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and publication year in the Web of Science. The 2017 list focuses on contemporary research achievement: only Highly Cited Papers in science and social sciences journals indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection during the 11-year period 2005-2015 were surveyed.

About Associate Professor Tony

MRS Bulletin

Professor Ricky Ang, EPD and his group members Yee Sin Ang (postdoctoral research fellow) and Shi-Jun Liang (doctoral candidate) have their paper published in a special issue of MRS Bulletin, July 2017 edition.

The paper, titled “Theoretical Modeling of Electron Emission From Graphene” is one of the six papers - one each from USA, Singapore, Japan, China, Canada and Germany - featured in the bulletin.

Read the paper:

Singapore HEALTH Award (SHA) 2017

SUTD bags the Singapore HEALTH Award (SHA) 2017 by the Health Promotion Board. This award is a recognition of the continuous efforts in promoting workplace health and in enhancing the well-being of the employees.

SUTD attained bizSAFE Level 3 Certification

This certification required an audit by MOM-Approved WSH auditor to assess the implementation of Risk Management at SUTD. ​bizSAFE is a five-step programme that assists companies to build up their workplace safety and health (WSH) capabilities so that they can achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace. 

Material Research Society (MRS) 2017 Spring Meeting

Postdoctoral researcher, Xilin Zhou, (2nd from left) who is under research group of Assistant Professor Rob Simpson (EPD), won the Best Poster Award. Best poster awards are given to best posters in the conference that report relevant, up-to-date and high quality research findings, presented in clear, visually interesting and engaging ways.

Professor Arief Budiman (EPD)’s works, “Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructured Composites” was selected as one of the MRS 2017 Scientific Highlights. The MRS Media Committee selects about 15-20 highlights that signify prominent and relevant directions of materials research into the future. 

SUTD clinched seven awards at Singapore Good Design Award 2017

InnoGPS, a data-driven interactive visualisation technology, was awarded SG Mark Special Mention. The team comprises of Assistant Prof Jianxi Luo, Bowen Yan, Jeffrey Alstott, Giorgio Triulzi, Ke Shu.

Among the other six SG Mark awards, two projects won the industry category and four won the social category.



The Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) is a design and innovation award for business progressiveness that conforms to globally stringent standards of design. SG Mark is an initiative led by the Singapore Design Business Chamber to encourage good design according to international standards of quality.

"Monstrosity" won Best Indie Film at the Los Angeles Film Awards and an "Honorable Mention" for Cinematography and Acting.

Dr James Rowlins and his HASS Film I students, whose fall 2016 semester film project has won Best Indie Film at the Los Angeles Film Awards and an "Honorable Mention" for Cinematography and Acting. "Monstrosity" is a modern-day retelling of the Russian classic "Crime & Punishment", set in Singapore and filmed on our very own campus. This success, along with 9 official film festival selections, is extraordinary given that we are competing against movies made by industry professionals with big budgets.

The team comprises James Rowlins (Director), Arjun Singh Brar (Director of Photography), Tan Yi Hao (Cinematography), Zoe Ming (Assistant Director), Chay Choong and Keith Chia (Sound & Music Composers), Shi Yuyao, Wu Jinglian, Tommy Arden Phang, Joshua Lim and Ryan Wong (Set, Camera, Editing and Production Assistants).

Watch the film: 
(content warning: violence)

Senior HR Director Jaclyn Lee conferred with an “Outstanding Contribution to HR” Award at the HRM Awards 2017

This prestigious award recognizes a leading human resource figure who has contributed to the human resource industry, advanced the profession, and served as a coach and mentor to others, putting the interest of organizational human resource at the top of their priorities. 

EPD Assistant Professor Nagarajan Raghavan received 2016 IEEE EDS Early Career Award

This award was established to promote, recognise, and support early career technical development within the Electron Devices Society’s field of interest. 

More on 2016 IEEE EDS Early Career Award
About Assistant Professor Nagarajan

Associate Professor Tony Quek selected as Highly Cited Researcher 2016

The Highly Cited Researchers List 2016 by Thomson Reuters identified contemporary authors whose research has significantly influenced others in their field. The list names nearly 3,000 scientists from around the world whose studies were among the top 1 percent most referenced in academic journals from 2003 to 2014.

View Badge
About Associate Professor Tony

Partner of Academy of Singapore Teachers

The award was gifted to the Office of Education for the following contributions to the professional development of teachers:

  • Learning Journeys - Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the Arts
  • Active and Interactive Pedagogy Series of Workshops and Lesson Immersions for Educators in Physics and Chemistry

View Award
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IDC Professor Lucienne Blessing elected as member of the National Academy of Science and Engineering in Germany

The General Assembly of acatech – the National Academy of Science and Engineering in Germany has confirmed the membership nomination of Lucienne Blessing proposed by its Executive Board. The number of active members is limited to 400 and admission is based on “outstanding scientific achievements and excellent reputation” 

acatech represents the interests of the German scientific and technological communities, at home and abroad. As a working academy, acatech supports policy-makers and society, providing qualified technical evaluations and forward looking recommendations. Moreover, acatech aims to support knowledge transfer between science and industry, and encourage the next generation of engineers.

For his research on phase-change memory, Dr Desmond Loke became the first researcher from SUTD to receive the prestigious MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35 (TR35) international award under the Inventor category.

Read more on Dr Loke's research
Watch his presentation at EmTech MIT
More on MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35

Assistant Professor Yeung Sai-Kit received Best Paper Honorable Mention at the 4th International Conference on 3D Vision

The "SceneNN: A Scene Meshes Dataset with aNNotations" paper from the Vision, Graphics and Computational Design (VGD) Group headed by Assistant Professor Sai-Kit Yeung is selected to receive the Best Paper Honorable Mention award at the International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV) 2016.

SceneNN is the first annotated scene meshes dataset consisting of more than 100 scenes that are captured at various indoor locations including apartments, offices, dormitory, and classrooms. The scenes are reconstructed into triangle meshes and have fine-grained semantic annotation including per-vertex and per-pixel label, axis-aligned bounding boxes and object poses.

The dataset is designed to facilitate emerging research in high-quality 3D scene reconstruction, semantic segmentation and object recognition with data-driven algorithms, which has been advanced rapidly in the computer vision and robotics communities in the past five years. It aims to lay a foundation towards realistic scene manipulation and rendering in emerging technologies such as VR, AR, and towards empowering a smart nation by being a part of the virtual Singapore project. 

The SceneNN dataset can be found at
Visit International Conference on 3D Vision website.

National Day Award 2016
Professor Pey Kin Leong, Associate Provost for Education, received The Public Administration Medal (Silver).
Mr Sitoe Yew Kok, Registrar, received The Public Administration Medal (Bronze).

SUTD researcher Alexander Binder received together with Sebastian Lapuschkin and Wojciech Samek from the Fraunhofer Institute HHI and Grégoire Montavon and Klaus-Robert Müller from the TU 
Berlin the best paper prize at the Workshop on 
Visualization for Deep Learning at the International Conference on 
Machine Learning (ICML) held in June 2016 in New York City, USA.

award is endowed with a GeForce GTX Titan X from NVIDIA. The publication 
Analyzing and Validating Neural Networks 
Predictions summarizes the authors' work on Layer-wise Relevance 
Propagation (LRP), which is a newly developed 
technique to explain predictions of complex machine learning algorithms 
such as deep neural networks or kernel methods. The authors' work 
enables researchers to better understand what their highly non-linear 
models are actually doing and why they sometimes fail. This 
interpretability aspect is not only important in domains where relying 
on a black box algorithm is not acceptable (e.g., in medical 
applications), but it also may help to identify weaknesses of current 
state-of-the-art methods and consequently to improve them.
Alexander Binder is Assistant Professor at the ISTD pillar of SUTD since 2015. His research deals with interpretability of non-linear predictors for components of single samples.

SUTD has won the SHRI Award for Best Practices in Employee Relations and Workplace Harmony. 

This award recognises organisations for putting in place good practices, programmes and systems that improve intra-and-inter relationships between and among employees, employer and union. It also recognises good efforts in organising employee related activities and programmes to promote the well-being of stakeholders by the organisations.

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SUTD's revamped website has won the ‘Best in Class’ award for the Education Category at the Interactive Media Awards.

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View Interactive Media Awards Website

Singapore Good Design Award 2016
SUTD campus designed by UNStudio and DP Architects has won gold at the SG Mark 2016. The Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) is a design and innovation award for business progressiveness that conforms to globally stringent standards of design. SG Mark is an initiative led by the Singapore Design Business Chamber to encourage good design according to international standards of quality.

image source: DPA Newsletter

SUTD was awarded the BCA Construction Excellence Award in the Institutional Buildings category. 

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Press Release

Dr Andrew Tay, Senior Research Fellow, EPD has been elected to the Board of Governors of the IEEE Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) to serve for a 3 year period commencing from 1 January 2016.

Nominated as one of the winners for Singapore Press Holdings' Ads of the Month (March 2016)

Faculty-researchers-student won First Prize in the SIA’s Parametric Modelling Design Ideas Competition
A team of SUTD faculty, researchers and students led by Thomas Schroepfer, Professor and Associate Head of Pillar,  won the 1st Prize in the Parametric Modelling Design Ideas Competition organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects in 2013. The competition asked for a proposal for the Archifest Pavilion at Dhoby Ghaut Green that is based on parametric principles and a computational framework that allow for an exploration of new fundamentals and relationships in architectural design, including spatial planning, data visualisation, and structural design. 
SUTD’s winning entry is a structure designed with state-of-the-art computational simulation tools that analyse environmental data such as daylight factors providing a building skin that generates both the shading and visual effects of lush foliage of tropical trees. The filtering effect of the building skin produces intricate geometric patterns of varying porosities that simulate the beautiful play of light and shade provided by tropical nature. 
The project was widely published and further developed for invited exhibitions at the Venice Biennale and the Singapore National Design Centre Singapore in 2014. The project further led to the team’s appointment to design the structural building envelope for The Future of Us exhibition, Singapore’s 50th Anniversary capstone event, at Gardens by the Bay in 2015. 

2014 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Culture Heritage Conservation Award of Merit (Ngee Ann Kongsi’s Wak Hai Cheng Bio (Yueh Hai Ching Temple) Restoration Project) 

2014 URA’s Architectural Heritage Award (Ngee Ann Kongsi’s Wak Hai Cheng Bio (Yueh Hai Ching Temple) Restoration Project) 

Vernacular Architecture Award from National Architecture Institute of China (NAIC)

  • All the 3 awards received by Yeo Kang Shua are from the same project: Wak Hai Cheng Bio Restoration Project.
  • This project garners two international awards and one local national award.
  • UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award is the most prestigious conservation project award given internationally at the Asia-Pacific region. This is his third such awards, having won in 2005, 2010 and 2014.
  • The second international award for the project is from China. National Architecture Institute of China (NAIC) is the country’s state sanctioned society/association for vernacular architecture. 
  • The third award is a local national award given by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. It is a national award to recognise conservation projects.

“Interior of the Year Award” under DISPLAY Category for IDC Space Design

IDC Gallery is an interior retrofit project for the International Design Center at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, which received an international design award and media coverage as a winner of INSIDE 2014, Display category. The space features expressive three dimensional distributions of custom designed light fixtures creating an ambient spatial experience without shadow suitable for IDC research activities and exhibition functions. 

Ms Jaclyn Lee, Senior Director of Human Resources, conferred with a Phd in Management from University of Twente

Ms Jaclyn Lee, Senior Director of HR, has obtained a Phd in Management from the University of Twente on December 1st, 2015. This is an outcome of a successful collaboration  between Twente and SUTD, since the two universities sealed a collaborative agreement some two years back.  Ms Lee’s Phd dissertation focused on designing a new artifact that combined theory from organisational change and group support systems through the use of an Action Design Research methodology. This project involved professors from both Twente and SUTD and is the first joint Phd project in the recently started and growing collaboration between the two universities.  The Phd was conferred by Rector Magnificus Professor Ed Brinksma in a defence ceremony held in  Enschede, Netherlands.

Assistant Professor Piliouras participated in research programme at UC Berkeley

ESD’s Assistant Professor Georgios Piliouras is one of nine researchers who have been invited to participate as fellows at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at UC Berkeley. 
The goal of this premier research institute is to bring together the world's leading researchers and scholars in theoretical computer science. SUTD is the only Asian university which is represented by a research fellow in the Economics and Computation research programme, beside other universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Columbia and Georgia Tech.

Associate Provost Yeo has been named an IEEE Fellow

The IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred by the IEEE Board of Directors upon a person with an outstanding record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. Associate Provost Yeo Kiat Seng is being recognized for contributions to low-power integrated circuit design. 

Professor Chan Heng Chee was awarded an Honorary Degree by the University of Warwick. Let’s hear what Professor Chan has to say about receiving this honour. [read the full text of the speech

Singapore Effies Award 2015, Bronze award for SUTD Exam Survival Kit



The SUTD Exam Survival Kit campaign garnered a bronze award in the Brand Experience category during the 2015 Singapore Effie Awards.

Singapore Effies Award 2015, Bronze award for SUTD Exam Survival Kit

This category is not for efforts that focused on TV, radio or print ads, to connect with an audience. It is meant to showcase how you can create a brand experience beyond traditional advertising.

The winners of this award will be the work that shows how advertisers are reaching out to their audiences to establish meaningful relationships, memorable, engaging experiences, and unique connections with their brands. Entrants in the Brand Experience category must address how the brand experience related back to the overall brand strategy. 

SUTD sought to attract a greater number of students for its Admissions Talk in December 2014. With a highly constrained ad budget, and given that the stressful A level period was a highly difficult time to capture the students’ attention, we decided to turn our disadvantage into an advantage, and give students some encouragement by distributing "Exam Survival Kits".

SUTD was awarded a Singapore HEALTH Award in recognition of excellence in Workplace Health Promotion programmes.

Singapore HEALTH Award logo

This Award recognises SUTD as a caring employer who values our employees' health and wellbeing. 

Our ESD Assistant Professor Giacomo Nannicini was awarded the 2015 Prix Robert Faure. The Robert Faure prize (in tribute to Professor Robert Faure, pioneer of Operations Research in France) is awarded by the French Society of Operations Research and Decision Support (ROADEF). It aims to promote original contributions in the field of decision support and operations research. This award is given every 3 years to a member of ROADEF under 35 years. More details about the prize can be found here (in French).

Our Head of Pillar of ISTD, Professor Aditya Mathur and one of his postdocs, Giedre Sabaliauskaite, received the best academic paper at the the recent 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management. More details can be found here



Our in-house library Pavilion design received the 2014 President's Design Award. This is the first time SUTD has received Singapore's most prestigious design accolade. The small 300 square-meter structure joins the ranks of past winners such as the Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park etc. Since its establishment in 2006, 65 Designs of the Year have been conferred the Award. 

Press Release
Project information on the President's Design Award website

The team from City Form Lab at SUTD (Andres Sevtsuk, Onur Ekmekci and Martin Scoppa), together with Hansen Partnership (Melbourne), The World Bank (Jakarta) and the City Government of Surabaya won the Urban Design Award for their work on the Surabaya Urban Corridor Development Program, in the 2014 Victorian Landscape Architecture Awards. Read more about the win here.

Professor Kristin L. Wood elected a Fellow of ASME

Professor Kristin L. Wood, EPD Head of Pillar was elected a Fellow of ASME

The Fellow grade is truly a distinction among ASME members.

The ASME Committee of Past Presidents confers the Fellow grade of membership on worthy candidates to recognise their outstanding engineering achievements. Nominated by ASME Members and Fellows, an ASME Member has to have 10 or more years of active practice and at least 10 years of active corporate membership in ASME.

A Fellow, one who has attained a membership grade of distinction, at the time of advancement shall be a corporate member of the Society, shall have been responsible for significant engineering achievements, and shall have not less than 10 years of active practice and 10 years of corporate membership in ASME.

Provost Chong awarded Leadership in Research and Development Award conferred by the ASME Information Storage & Processing Systems (ISPS) Division

SUTD's Provost Professor Chong Tow Chong was conferred the Leadership in Research and Development Award by the ASME ISPS Division for his contribution in multidisciplinary research by the ASME community in addition to the IEEE community.

This is the first time this award has been conferred to an individual.

HR Award for Leading HR Practices in Compensation & Rewards Management    [ View Award ] 

SUTD has been awarded the SHRI National Award for our best practices in compensation and reward management. This Award emphasises compensation, salary, benefits and rewards management programmes and systems that meet business needs, such as cost effectiveness, business growth, retention, performance etc. The Singapore HR Awards organised by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) serves as an excellent platform to promote and recognise excellence within the HR profession in Singapore.

DETC2014-35137: Designettes: New Approaches to Multidisciplinary Engineering Design Education

This paper features our educational research on Designettes, received the Best Paper Award (International Conference on Design Education). The paper was presented at the IDETC Conference, Design Education sub-conference in August 2014.

  • Cassandra Telenko (IDC Postdoc and MIT Graduate Fellow)
  • Bradley Camburn (PhD student)
  • Katja Hölttä-Otto (Associate Professor)
  • Kristin L. Wood (Professor)
  • Kevin Otto (Associate Professor) 

Outstanding Paper Award at The 2014 Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design    [ View Paper ] 

Assistant Professor Andres Sevtsuk and IDC Researcher Raul Kalvo received the Outstanding Paper Award at The 2014 Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design on 14 Apr 2014 for their "A Freeform Surface Fabrication Method with 2D Cutting" paper. 

King-Sun Fu Best Paper Award of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics for the year 2013

David Braun has received the ‘King-Sun Fu Best Paper Award of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics for the year 2013′ for the paper ‘Robots Driven by Compliant Actuators: Optimal Control under Actuation Constraints‘ – David Braun, Florian Petit, Felix Huber, Sami Haddadin, Patrick van der Smagt, Alin Albu-Schäffer and Sethu Vijayakumar. The paper appeared in Volume 29, No. 5, pages 1085-1101, 2013. 

IEEE T-RO is one of the highest impact journals in robotics. It typically receives over 650 submissions each year. The King-Sun Fu Award recognises the best paper published annually in the IEEE Transactions on Robotics based ontechnical merit, originality, potential impact on the field, clarity of presentation, and practical significance for applications. 

Early Career Research Excellence Award

Stefano Galelli won the Early Career Research Excellence Award from the international Environmental Modeling and Software Society (iEMSs), in recognition of his research contributions. An award ceremony will be held during the iEMS 2014 conference in San Diego, California on June 15-19 2014.

2 regional finalists for the 13th annual MIT Technology Review magazine’s 35 Innovators under 35 (TR35) Awards

Out of 10 regional finalists for the 13th annual MIT Technology Review magazine’s 35 Innovators under 35 (TR35) Awards, 2 of them are from SUTD. The 10 regional finalists are eligible for the global list, for which 35 Innovators under 35 years of age as of 1 October will be celebrated at the EmTech 2014 event held in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Suranga Chandima Nanayakkara, Singapore, Director and Principal Investigator at the Augmented Senses Research Group at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) for his work designing innovative devices for audio-visually impaired people

Desmond Loke, Singapore, Postdoctoral Fellow, Engineering Product Development at Singapore University of Technology and Design and Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his work developing a new method using priming to speed up phase-change memory in technology

Photo credit: EmTech Singapore

Control Profiles of Complex Networks   [ View Videos ] 

A paper by Justin Ruths (SUTD) and Derek Ruths (McGill University) has been published by the prestigious journal “Science”. Read the perspective piece produced by the journal on the paper.

iSwarm installation at i Light Marina Bay 2014

The project titled “iSwarm”, a floating large-scale interactive light installation, is on display from 7 to 30 March 2014 at Marina Bay. The project was selected by the i Light 2014 Curatorial Team for implementation last fall and has been funded by Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Philips Lighting. 

This is a multi-disciplinary project between SUTD’s Advanced Architectural Design Laboratory (AADL) and Augmented Senses Group (ASG): < >AADL: Thomas Schroepfer (Associate Professor, ASD and Principal Investigator), Alex Cornelius, Khew Yu Nong, Aloysius Lian, Thomas Wortmann (Researchers)ASG: Suranga Nanayakkara (Assistant Professor, EPD) and Yeo Kian Peen (Researcher) 

Glover-Klingman Prize

Giacomo Nannicini and his co-authors won the Glover-Klingman Prize for the best paper published in the journal Networks in 2012. There were nearly 60 papers published in Networks in 2012. The winning paper was selected by a panel from the editorial board. The paper is titled "Bidirectional A* Search on Time-Dependent Road Networks" and is authored by G. Nannicini, D. Delling, D. Schultes and L. Liberti. In this paper, the authors propose a new theoretical and practical framework for the computation of fastest paths in road networks with dynamic traffic information. Their approach pioneered the efficient computation of optimal routes on large-scale networks affected by traffic disruptions. 

SUTD library pavilion won the "Timber Structure of the Year" award

Three months after its official launch, the SUTD library pavilion won the "Timber Structure of the Year" award in the category of Plywood Structures at the Timber Architecture Conference at the Modern Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia. 

SUTD’s City Form Lab is mainly responsible for the design process of this pavilion which can house more than a hundred. In addition, more than a hundred students participated its construction. However, the initial conceptual design came from four Year-two students, Dexter Chew, Avery Khoo, Goh Yi Qian and Soh En Wei. They are currently studying Architecture and Sustainable Design, Engineering Product Development and Information Systems Technology and Design. Find out more about the design.

Design: City Form Lab (Andres Sevtsuk, Raul Kalvo) and Team ORD. 
Client: SUTD Library (Julie S Sabaratnam)
Engineers: ARUP (Mike King, Benjamin Sitler, Russel Cole)
Builder: Arina International Hogan (AIH)
Sponsors: AIH, Autodesk. 

2013 MINDEF-SUTD Temasek Research Fellowship (TRF) Award  


SUTD research fellow, Jemin Lee, was the only awardee across the 3 local universities offering engineering degrees for the 2013 TRF award with her research proposal - Network Engineering Techniques for Wireless Security (NETS).

The project emphasises the importance of security for wireless communications, it aims to achieve improved network security and elevate security level through her four proposed methodologies: Physical-Layer Security Techniques; Energy-Efficient Security Algorithm; Integrated-Layer Security Design and Security Technique Implementation.

The Temasek Research Fellowship (TRF) scheme recruits outstanding young researchers with PhD degree in science or technology, with postdoctoral working experience. The scheme provides selected young researchers an opportunity to conduct and lead research that is relevant to defence. 

Associate Professor elected a Fellow of ASME 

Kevin Otto, Associate Professor of EPD pillar, was elected a Fellow of ASME. The Fellow grade is truly a distinction among ASME members.

The ASME Committee of Past Presidents confers the Fellow grade of membership on worthy candidates to recognise their outstanding engineering achievements. Nominated by ASME Members and Fellows, an ASME Member has to have 10 or more years of active practice and at least 10 years of active corporate membership in ASME.

A Fellow, one who has attained a membership grade of distinction, at the time of advancement shall be a corporate member of the Society, shall have been responsible for significant engineering achievements, and shall have not less than 10 years of active practice and 10 years of corporate membership in ASME.

First Prize in the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Young Architects League (YAL) Parametric Modelling Design Ideas Competition

SUTD's Advanced Architectural Design Laboratory (AADL) - Thomas Schroepfer (Principle Investigator), Aloysius Lian (Researcher), Thomas Wortmann (Researcher) and Chen Yutong (Student Researcher) - won First Prize in the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Young Architects League (YAL) Parametric Modelling Design Ideas Competition.

The proposal for a temporary structure located at Dhoby Ghaut Green emerged from an in-depth study of site conditions including existing pedestrian networks, shading plants and urban views. The project analyses daylight factors and structural displacements and uses computational simulations to define density requirements for the structure's skin. A parametric model translates these requirements into an intricate geometric pattern of varying porosity, proposed as pre-fabricated, CNC-milled, wooden panels.

A rapid-prototyped model of the award-winning SUTD design is exhibited from 27 September to 13 October as part of Archifest 2013 at the main event venue at Dhoby Ghaut Green. Find out more about the design. 

Best Game in the 5th Independent Games Festival (IGF) China 2013 

One Upon Light (designed and developed by SUTD Game Lab) has been awarded Best Game in the 5th Independent Games Festival (IGF) China 2013. The IGF China Awards celebrate the best in independent gaming in the Asia-Pacific region, and the Best Game Award recognises the best overall game from more than 250 entries, with One Upon Light emerging as the best among 8 finalists in the main competition. Find out more about the game. 

SUTD presented with AWARE's Cause of the Year (Education) Award   [ View Photos on SUTD Facebook page ] 

SUTD was presented with the Cause of the Year (Education) Award for promoting gender balance in male dominated disciplines. 

This was the first time that a Institute of Higher Learning has received the award.

Professor Tom Magnanti, our President, received the award on behalf of SUTD.

IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2013 - Applied Research and Development    [ View Photo/Award ] 

Yang Hui Ying received the IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award (Applied Research and Development) for her project titled “Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology for Sustainable Water Solutions: Purification and Desalination". The Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards are given to an organisation or persons responsible for an outstanding engineering project in Singapore. Find out more about her project.

Note: IES is the short form for The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). 

Using Video to Tie Engineering Themes to Foundational Concepts 

This paper received the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) 2013 Best Conference Paper Award. It describes the work the authors (D. Shah, J. French, J. Rankin, L. Breslow, Teaching and Learning Lab, MIT) did with SUTD to identify pivotal concepts in an undergraduate engineering and design curriculum, and their production of almost 50 videos (most narrated by MIT faculty) to help students master those concepts. 

The Role of Contracts and Partnership Structure in New Product Development 

This doctoral dissertation by Niyazi Taneri received the 2013 ISPIM – Wiley Higher Education Best Dissertation Award. The award, given out jointly by the International Society for Professional Innovation Management and Wiley, is for dissertations on Innovation Management. There were more than 150 nominees from 40 countries (nominated by their advisors or institutions). The dissertations were evaluated on Impact, Innovativeness, Scientific Rigor and Communication.

HR Award for Excellence in Manpower Resourcing & Planning 

SUTD won a national award for excellence in our manpower resourcing and planning strategies. This award is given to organisations who have put in place a good system for recruiting talents, and the judges recognised SUTD's efforts in attracting global and local talents to join our start up institution. The Singapore HR Awards is organised yearly by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) and it celebrates leading organisations and HR practitioners in their drive for impactful human capital strategies.

SUTD 2013 Women's Campaign won Silver Effie Award in Education Category

SUTD won a Silver Effie Award in the Education category for the SUTD Women's campaign. 

The campaign exceeded its objective of reaching SUTD's female intake of over 40% of overall student enrollment.

This is more than two times the usual enrollment in engineering courses in any institution overseas.

SUTD 2013 Women's Campaign won "Best Idea for a Female Audience" at the MARKies

SUTD won the award for the "Best Idea for a Female Audience" for our 2013 Women's Campaign.

The campaign were also nominated for the following awards:

  • Best Idea - Integrated Media
  • Best Idea - Print (STJobs & STClassifieds)
  • Best Idea - TV (STCars)
  • Best Idea - Radio (STCards & STJobs) 

Towards an Adaptive Urban Transportation System 

Evaluated as the best research proposal out of the 10 presented to the panel of judges at Global Young Scientists Summit 2013 - Singapore Challenge, Lynette Cheah was presented with a Singapore Challenge medallion by President Tony Tan and awarded a prize of US$100,000 to pursue her research interests. 

  • Lynette Cheah, A*STAR & Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Dr Francisco Pereira, Singapore-MIT alliance’s Future of Urban Mobility Group 
  • Dr Erik Wilhelm, Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Je­ McAulay, Fraunhofer USA Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems 
  • Don MacKenzie, pursuing PhD in Engineering Systems at MIT
  • Stephen Zoepf, pursuing PhD in Engineering Systems at MIT

Cognitive Network Interference, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Vol. 29, No. 2, February 2011, pp. 480-493

This paper received the IEEE Communications Society William R. Bennett Prize in the Field of Communications Networking (2012). The award is given annually to the best original paper published in any journal financially sponsored or co-sponsored by the Communications Society in the previous 3 calendar years. 

  • Alberto Rabbachin 
  • Tony Q.S. Quek (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
  • Hyundong Shin 
  • Moe Z. Win

Production-Inventory Systems with Imperfect Advance Demand Information and Updating

This paper received the Kuhn 2012 Award from Naval Research Logistics (NRL). The award is presented annually to "an exceptional paper published in NRL during the previous three years". 

  • Saif Benjaafar, Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • William L. Cooper, University of Minnesota
  • Setareh Mardan, PROS

DETC2012-70420: The Meaning of ‘Near’ and ‘Far’: The Impact of Structuring Design Databases and the Effect of Distance of Analogy on Design Output”    [ View Award ] 

This paper received a Best Paper Award at the ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (IDETC) 2012. 

  • Katherine Fu, Carnegie Mellon University 
  • Joel Chan, University of Pittsburgh 
  • Jonathon Cagan, Carnegie Mellon University 
  • Kenneth Kotovsky, Carnegie Mellon University 
  • Christian Schunn, University of Pittsburgh 
  •  Kristin Wood, Singapore University of Technology and Design

AC 2012-4004: A Symphony of Designiettes - Exploring the Boundaries of Design Thinking in Engineering Education

This paper received a Best of Design in Engineering recognition at the ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) Annual Conference 2012. The paper discusses definitions, supporting pedagogy, literature, and basic methods for developing and executing designettes as part of higher education. 

  • Prof. Kristin L. Wood, University of Texas, Austin
  • Dr. Rajesh Elara Mohan, Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Sawako Kaijima, Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Stylianos Dritsas, Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Prof. Daniel D. Frey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Christina Kay White, University of Texas, Austin
  • Dr. Daniel D. Jensen, U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Dr. Richard H. Crawford, University of Texas, Austin
  • Dr. Diana Moreno, Singapore University of Technology and Design 
  • Prof. Kin-Leong, Singapore University of Technology and Design 

SUTD Logo Awarded Gold in Singapore Design Award 2010

Our logo was awarded Gold, Graphic Design in the Singapore Design Award 2010, organised by Designers Association Singapore (now known as the Design Business Chamber Singapore).