Here are some of the accolades garnered by our students:

Enactus Singapore National Competition 2019

“Project TELLO” by a team of five SUTD students (STACK Labs) won the Enactus Singapore National Competition held on 15 June 2019. STACK Labs triumphed over 4 other teams at the nationals and will go on to represent Singapore at the Enactus World Cup 2019, taking place in San Jose, California, USA, from 16 to 18 September 2019.

Tello! is a digital communication tool that enables paralysis patients with high cognitive abilities but low communication ability to express themselves beyond mere daily necessities. It functions as a smart sentence building app that will unlock the locked-in syndrome.

Enactus believes investing in students who take ENtrepreneurial ACTion for others creates a better world for US all. Their mission is to “engage the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to use innovation and business principles to improve the world.”

The STACK Labs team comprises:

  • Ku Wee Tiong, ESD Junior
  • Lee Kai Min Frank, EPD Junior
  • Cheryl Low Rui Min, EPD Junior
  • Neo Theng Tat, EPD Junior
  • Tang Mingzheng Paul, ISTD Junior

EY NextWave Global Data Science Challenge 2019

ISTD junior Chia Yew Ken took third place at the EY NextWave Global Data Science Challenge 2019. He had previously won the Singapore EY NextWave Data Science Challenge on 24 May 2019.

The global challenge received over 12,000 entries from more than 4,500 students from nearly 500 universities, including 250 Singapore students from local universities and polytechnics.

As part of the the initiative to connect Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students worldwide, the Challenge provides STEM students with the opportunity to analyse real-world problems through data and develop initiatives that will help build a better working world.

This year’s challenge required students to use real-world data from Skyhook, a pioneer in location technology, to tackle the task of smart mobility in cities as the urban population rises across the globe.

The three global winners were chosen among those who combined the best results with in-depth insights and contributions to building a better working world.

Yew Ken used a special form of recurrent neural networks long-short-term-memory (LSTM) to develop models that could be used to identify over-crowded roads and intersections, reschedule traffic or schedule road work. LSTM can retain memory over long periods of time and are used to classify, process and make predictions.

Manik Bhandari, EY Asean Analytics Leader said “Yew Ken stood out from his peers for his ability to combine his technical expertise with his strong business understanding to solve real world issues. Many cities face traffic congestion problems and his model’s ability to accurately predict congestion situations at a location would enable city planners to improve urban transport planning and traffic management”.

In addition to EY Badge Certification in Data Science, this year’s winners also received a paid internship within the EY network and monetary prizes.


EY NextWave Data Science Challenge 2019

The Singapore EY NextWave Data Science Challenge 2019 concluded on 24 May 2019 with three teams of four SUTD students as finalists. Chia Yew Ken, an ISTD junior, emerged champion and he received a full-time job opportunity from EY along with all other finalists.

Using deep learning models to develop predictive patterns of travel, Yew Ken proposed solutions which complement existing infrastructure, to tackle mobility congestion in the city of Atlanta.

A global competition, the EY NextWave Data Science Challenge 2019 called for tertiary students from 16 countries to use data analytics and develop innovative solutions to address issues relating to mobility and smart cities. Participants competed in the local challenge, where the overall top three country/region winners will compete at the global challenge.

(L to R) SUTD students Chia Yew Ken (ISTD), Muhammad Faiz Bin Rahamat (ESD), Zheng Xingjian (ESD) and Tong Hui Kang (ESD).

Singapore Winner - Chia Yew Ken (ISTD)
Second Runner-up - Tong Hui Kang (ESD) & Zheng Xingjian (ESD)
Finalist - Muhammad Faiz Bin Rahamat (ESD)

2019 7th Singapore International 3D Printing Competition

SUTD students, Johannes Brian Sunarko and Nigel William Gomes, won the 2019 Singapore International 3D Printing Competition under the computer mouse theme (tertiary student category), with their design ‘GLOVE’.

Taking advantage of low-cost yet highly accurate photogrammetry, ‘GLOVE’ is tailored to fit each individual’s hand by 3D scanning the shape of the mould of one’s intended hand position. The 3D model created from the scan allows button layout and hand positioning to be customized, taking into account overall ergonomics. This iteration of the ‘GLOVE’ is an ergonomic all-day work mouse which features a gentle grip and puts the wrist in its most natural position.

The award ceremony was held on 7 May 2019 and the prizes were presented by Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Dr Koh Poh Koon.

Organised by the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) at Nanyang Technological University and supported by the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), the Singapore International 3D Printing Competition promotes awareness and adoption of 3D printing techniques. This year’s competition themes challenge participants to redesign and recreate everyday items.

Grand Finals of the Create4Good Challenge IV
Five finalist teams comprising Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Singapore Management University (SMU) undergraduates competed for the grand prize at the Create4Good Challenge IV grand finals, which took place in May 2019.

The Create4Good Challenge, a social initiative by the late Mr Kwek Leng Joo, calls for SUTD and SMU undergraduates to work in teams to propose innovative and integrated solutions with real-world applications, for a smart and sustainable nation.
Five finalist teams were selected from 10 teams who competed in a semi-final on 23 November 2018.  Each finalist team was given $10,000 proof-of-concept funds to prototype and further develop their ideas over a five-month mentorship period.
Presenting their ideas in 10-minute pitches, the finalists competed for the top three prizes:
Grand Prize Winner – TELLO
Neo Theng Tat (EPD Junior)
Cheryl Low Rui Min (EPD Junior)
1st Runner Up – AMAI
Tan Jun Yong (ESD Junior)
2nd Runner Up – HAVA LAB
Ang You Shan (EPD Junior)
Tanvi Ravindra Thombre (EPD Junior)

Silver A' Design Award in 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Category, 2018-2019

The Pebble Garden Machine Dry Landscaping, by a team of SUTD Master of Architecture students and alumni, has been granted the Silver A' Design Award in the 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Category by the International Design Academy.

Inspired by traditional forms of East Asian landscaping heritage, namely rock gardens, the team’s research project is based on 3D printing of stones to create sculptures with cantilevers and overhangs. With a primary application in dry landscapes, the Pebble Garden Machine uses an industrial robotic arm to deposit and dispense layers of pebbles and adhesives.

The team comprises:
Teo Mei Qin Elizabeth (Master of Architecture)
Pheeraphat Ratchakitprakarn (Master of Architecture)
Rebekah Low Hui Yin (Master of Architecture)
Pang Yun Jie (Alumni)
Xie Yu (Alumni)


Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2019
10 students represented SUTD at the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) 2019 held between 14 March and 23 March 2019. They participated in three categories: Category C3 - First Person View Flight (Micro Class); Category D1 - Semi-Autonomous; and Category D2 – Autonomous.
The team won the Judges’ Commendation Award with the design of their flying machine for Category D2, and ranked fourth in Category D1.

SUTD has been participating in this annual event since 2013. The SAFMC, Singapore’s premier annual flying machine competition, is jointly organised by DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore, and supported by Ministry of Defence (MINDEF).
The SUTD team comprises (L to R in photo):

  • Christopher Sim Seng Wee, EPD
  • Tan Jin Yuan, Freshmore
  • Tan Kian Wee, Freshmore
  • Glenn Chia Jin Wee, ISTD
  • Amos Sim Hong Kai, Freshmore
  • Ryan Lim Jon Hui, EPD
  • Tan Weiheng, Freshmore
  • Malcom Neo Guang Zhi, EPD
  • Kenneth Chow, EPD
  • Benjamin Chay, EPD (not featured in photo)