Public Lecture by Professor Michael Graetzel

25 Jan 2018 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM (Registration starts at 3.30 PM) SUTD Auditorium, 8 Somapah Road, Singapore 487372 (Building 2, Level 1, nearest to Lobby E and J)

Thank you for attending Professor Michael Graetzel's 
"Turning Insights Into Innovation" Public Lecture.

Hear from Millennium Technology Prize winner Professor Michael Graetzel.

Turning Insights Into Innovation
Until he came along, harnessing solar energy efficiently had proven quite a challenge. Professor Graetzel tackled this by developing remarkable dye-sensitised cells that are made of inexpensive materials, and capable of efficiently turning sunlight into electricity. His lecture will shed light on the elusive process of turning scientific insights into innovation, and innovation into the development of commercial products. He will focus on three examples such as these dye-sensitised solar cells, nano-structuring of the photosystems for artificial photosynthesis to realise high power lithium ion insertion batteries, and the insights gained from the molecular design of sensitiser molecules that show excellent adhesion on oxide surfaces by using phosphonate groups as linkers which lead to “surflinks” that enhance bone growth on dental and other implants.

This lecture is held in conjunction with Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) 2018, organised by the National Research Foundation Singapore