SUTD-Keysight MOU Speech by Professor Thomas L. Magnanti

06 Dec 2017

SUTD-Keysight MOU Signing Ceremony and Measurement Technologies Lab (MTL) Launch
Professor Thomas L. Magnanti
President, SUTD

Mr S. Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry)
Mr Gooi Soon Chai, President of Electronic Industrial Solutions Group (EISG) and Senior Vice President of Keysight Technologies Inc,
Mr Lim Kok Kiang, Assistant Managing Director (Cluster Group Engineering), Singapore Economic Development Board
SUTD Faculty, Staff and Researchers
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

SUTD-Keysight Partnership
Good morning and a very warm welcome to SUTD.  It is a pleasure to join with you on this special occasion.
This morning, I am pleased to announce that SUTD and Keysight Technologies will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding. We will also be officially launching the SUTD-Keysight Measurement Technologies Lab (or MTL) this morning.
This strategic partnership is testament to the commitment and endeavour of SUTD and Keysight to jointly conduct strategic research in electronic test and measurement technologies.
Under this agreement, Keysight will contribute S$8 million worth of research equipment to SUTD, which will be crucial in the setting up of the MTL.
In addition, I would also like to thank Keysight for their generous provision of a S$2 million, non-exhaustive research grant for strategic research in line with Keysight’s Singapore Research and Development Centre of Excellence.
Measurement Technologies Lab Overview
The MTL will allow SUTD faculty and researchers, as well as Keysight R&D specialists, to rapidly explore and prototype new electronics test and measurement solutions. These technologies are critical to the efficient and optimal functioning of many industries, including aerospace, engineering, manufacturing and defence (just to name a few).
To give you a better idea of the research that the MTL is working on, I would like to mention 3 research projects:

  1. Cyber security for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and systems
    IIoT systems and devices are becoming widespread as manufacturing becomes increasingly automated. MTL researchers are developing stringent security safeguards to protect and defend IIOT systems and devices against cyberattack. 

  2. Developing new methods and technologies for ensuring the integrity of electronics products

MTL researchers are exploring the use of high frequency, non-contact testing to advance and innovate the testing of printed circuit boards, a crucial component of electronics manufacturing that is used in all but the simplest electronic devices.

  1. Data analytics to streamline business processes

By harnessing the power of sensors and big data analytics, MTL researchers can develop a pro-active method of predictive maintenance to prevent unexpected failures of operating equipment.
SUTD-Industry Collaboration
As you can see, the MTL promises some very exciting research in the years to come. The MTL, which you will have the opportunity to view later, is the latest corporate research lab that we have set up with our industry partners.
At SUTD, we have a very strong history of close research collaboration with industry. We launched the ST Electronics-SUTD Cyber Security Laboratory in May last year. This lab aims to develop cutting-edge technologies for the next generation of cyber security products and solutions.
Just last month, SUTD and ST Engineering jointly opened the Centre for Smart Systems. This research collaboration will support and contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, rapidly translating research outcomes into commercial and societal impact. 
SUTD as a Vital Anchor within a Vibrant Ecosystem of Partnerships
Our research partnerships are testament to SUTD’s strong focus on industry-academia collaboration.
SUTD is a University that prides itself in not just providing a first-rate academic education, but also in inspiring its students to be creative in translating academic research into tangible solutions, products, services and systems that will help create A Better World By Design.
Earlier this year in July, SUTD hosted the second edition of the annual FIRST Industry Workshop, which aims to build, foster and develop collaborations between SUTD and industry. It was attended by over 600 guests, more than 400 of whom were from industry and Government.
At this workshop, I was part of the Forum Panel alongside senior industry and Government representatives (including my good friend Victor Mills from the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, who is seated near the front of the audience).
We discussed how we can strengthen organisational capabilities especially through training and learning, and to encourage stronger collaboration between industry, the Government and academia.
Closing Remarks
It is very much in SUTD’s DNA to collaborate.
SUTD’s unique pedagogy emphasises a collaborative, innovative and multi-disciplinary approach to research and education. Even at the undergraduate level, students worked 20-30 design projects while at SUTD.  Design projects with industry partners are very much a part of the SUTD curriculum.
I genuinely believe that this strategic partnership between SUTD and Keysight will help encourage the free flow of information, ideas and innovation between both organisations.  By doing so, we can forge new frontiers for high-value manufacturing and testing and innovate new processes to be applicable to industry needs.
Together, we can all help to Create A Better World by Design.
Thank you.