• hass-faculty-sayan-126x150
    Sayan Bhattacharyya Lecturer Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS)
  • people-istd-alexander-binder-126x150
    Alexander Binder Assistant Professor Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) Secure Computing, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, Visual Computing, Data Science
  • epdfaculty-lucienne-blessing-126x150
    Luciënne T.M. Blessing Professor / Co-Director (IDC) Engineering Product Development (EPD) Design Science, Mechanical Engineering
  • people-smt-faculty-Bong-Eng-Ying-small-126x150
    Eng Ying Bong Lecturer Science and Math (SCI) Chemistry
  • epdfaculty-roland-bouffanais-126x150
    Roland Bouffanais Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Engineering Product Development (EPD) Mechanical Engineering
  • asd-faculty-michael-budig-126x150
    Michael Budig Assistant Professor Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) Architecture and Sustainable Design and Practice, Computation Pertaining to the Description, Generation, and, Construction of Architecture and Urban Environments, Design Performance and Architectural Operations Research
  • sutd-epd-faculty-arief-budiman-126x150
    Arief Suriadi Budiman Assistant Professor Engineering Product Development (EPD) Material Science
  • people-smt-faculty-Cai-Kui-small-1-126x150
    Kui Cai Associate Professor Science and Math (SCI) Mathematics, Technology and Design
  • asd-faculty-eva-castro-126x150
    Eva Castro Professor of Practice Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) Urban Design Development, Computational Urbanism, Landscape Urbanism
  • epdfaculty-lap-chan-126x150
    Lap Chan Adjunct Professor Engineering Product Development (EPD) Electrical Engineering
  • hass-faculty-jeffrey-chan-126x150
    Jeffrey Kok Hui Chan Assistant Professor Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS)