Collaboration with MIT

SUTD and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) signed a collaboration agreement in January 2010, covering both education and research endeavours, which concluded in June 2017 and June 2021 respectively.

Education Collaboration with MIT

Our education collaboration with MIT focused on the development, collaborative offering and transfer of key areas and subjects to be taught in the undergraduate curriculum. MIT faculty played a significant role in developing a blueprint for the curriculum, including a structure for the curriculum and the degrees to be offered. More than 90% of our undergraduate curriculum was originally developed by MIT.

During the 7-year collaboration, there was a regular flow of faculty and post-graduate fellows from MIT that engaged in a range of activities, such as co-teaching of subjects with SUTD faculty. There were also opportunities for exchanges between students at MIT and SUTD. Such student and faculty exchanges encouraged within SUTD the same spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that has helped to make MIT a top-ranking university internationally.

The successful conclusion of the education collaboration with MIT marked the first phase of the development of SUTD.

Mr Lee Tzu Yang, Chairman of the SUTD Board of Trustees, said: “The collaboration between SUTD and MIT has been very fruitful. Together, we have created a unique environment to nurture the next generation of technically grounded leaders and innovators. Design and technology skills are especially relevant to solving today’s most challenging issues and building a better world for tomorrow. We are very proud of what we have achieved together, and I am grateful for the help and support that MIT has given us in our fledgling years.”

MIT Provost Martin Schmidt said: “We are very proud of what we have accomplished with our colleagues at SUTD and in the Singapore Government. In a short period of time, we have together established a strong and innovative university. We expect that SUTD will continue to be an important educational resource for the people of Singapore, and the greater educational and research community around the world.”

Prof Magnanti, SUTD’s Founding President, said: “The collaboration with MIT has been a major success. As such, SUTD is now capable of providing unique education programmes independently. Every student who comes through our doors will continue to receive a world-class education through a curriculum developed by MIT."

SUTD-MIT International Design Centre

Under the research component of the collaboration, MIT contributed to SUTD’s research capability by developing relevant research programmes through their top-class faculty. A key feature is the establishment of the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (IDC) in July 2010.

During its years of operation since its opening in February 2012, the SUTD-MIT IDC served as a focal point for faculty and students from SUTD, MIT and partner institutions to collaborate in the design of devices, systems and services that address the strategic needs of Singapore, the region and the world.