Temasek-SUTD Assistant Professorship

The Brightest Minds for Next-Generation Cutting-Edge Defence Research

In collaboration with SUTD, MINDEF is launching the prestigious Temasek Professorship for the brightest and most promising researchers to undertake exciting and challenging defence research in support of Singapore’s national defence and security. 

The Temasek-SUTD Assistant Professorship (Temasek-SAP) will be awarded to exceptional and promising research talent who are keen to lead in next-generation cutting-edge defence research. 

Successful candidates will be provided research funding of up to S$500,000, in addition to research grants offered to SUTD Assistant Professorship (SAP) recipients. 


  • The Temasek Professorship will only be offered to eligible recipients of SAP of each Academic Year.

Application Process

  • Candidates who are keen to apply for the Temasek Professorship should first apply for SAP and also indicate their interest for the Temasek Professorship. 

  • MINDEF will assess shortlisted candidates and successful awardees would be notified by respective universities. 

Find out more about the SUTD Assistant Professorship (SAP).

Defence Research Opportunities in NUS, NTU and SUTD

Established at NUS, NTU, and SUTD, Temasek Laboratories are dedicated defence labs that provide a conducive environment for Research and Development (R&D) critical to Singapore’s defence, and groom future generations of defence scientists and engineers. 

Areas of research include but not limited to:

  • Microelectronics
  • Advanced materials
  • High-power laser technology
  • Photonics 
  • Hardware assurance
  • Cooling systems
  • Signal processing