Procurement Opportunities

All suppliers who are interested to do business with SUTD shall be required to register with us. Registered suppliers would be notified and be able to participate in relevant business opportunities, such as Invitation to Quotation or Tender, via our SUTD Sourcing Portal. They will also be able to receive our Purchase Orders and perform e-invoicing via the portal. For new supplier registration, please write in to

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Procurement Contact

Contact Person Contact Number Contact Email
Bernard Tay (65) 6303 6630

Vanessa Ngai (65) 6499 4994
Mah Yan Ling (65) 6499 4753
Katherine Chin (65) 6499 8920
Cheryl Quah (65) 6499 8880
Iaene Choo (65) 6499 7213 

Procurement Documents

For Information

  • With effect from 11 April 2022, SUTD will be changing our Procurement Platform, including our Sourcing Portal (i.e. for suppliers to participate in our Invitation to Quotation (ITQ) / Tender (ITT)), to SAP S/4 Hana and Ariba Business Network (“Ariba”). For all our existing suppliers and those who are interested to do business with SUTD, you will be required to register with us via Ariba.

    Through Ariba, SUTD will be publishing our business opportunities (ITQ/ITT) and registered suppliers will be notified of the relevant business opportunities. For those suppliers who receive businesses from SUTD, they will also be able to receive our Contracts (i.e. Purchase Orders / Letter of Awards etc.) via Ariba, and to perform e-invoicing. Please note that there is NO registration fee for an Ariba account.

    We strongly encourage all Suppliers to register with us before 8 April 2022. Please refer to the Supplier On-boarding Guide for registration instructions. [Posted on 31 Mar 2022]”
  • SUTD has in place a Whistleblowing Policy which provides an avenue for external parties to raise concerns about actual or suspected improprieties on the part of SUTD's employees. Any external party who wishes to report any concerns may do so through the channels set out in the Whistleblowing Policy.


We have been informed of an e-mail spoof impersonating SUTD's domain name to vendors. The e-mail is usually sent in the form of an enquiry for quotes or may also contain a fake Purchase Order (PO) with SUTD's name, address and a logo that closely resembles our SUTD logo, and with the instruction to deliver the items to a location (e.g. private residence, freight forwarding companies or a self-storage facility) different from the SUTD registered business address (i.e. 8 Somapah Road, Singapore 487372) and to bill SUTD.

Please note that all vendors that receive POs from SUTD must first be registered in our procurement database and all POs are sent with the email domain name ''. We also advise vendors to adopt the following preventive measures:

  • Verify that the SUTD's email domain name is genuine when receiving e-mails and POs; and
  • Always verify the authenticity of the request and PO by contacting the Contact Person on their official contact numbers stated in the PO.

For further clarification, please email SUTD Procurement at Thank you.

[Posted on 25 Jun 2020]

There are currently no open business opportunities.