IDC Seminar: Design of graphene-based interfaces for applications in energy, electronics and photoni

11 Feb 2015 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm SUTD campus, 8 Somapah Road - room details TBC

You are cordially invited to a seminar by Associate Professor Ricky Ang.

Graphene is an interesting material that has great potentials in many applications such as energy, electronics, and photonics. Due to its unique property like its electrons behaving like massless fermionic quasiparticles, it is not consistent to apply the traditional formula and/or models (which were based on bulk materials) to design a device for various applications. In matching with experimental results, such inconsistent approach may require some fittings. In this presentation, we will present our 3 most recent topics that we have helped to remove such inconsistency and our findings have been compared favorably with independent experimental results. Here, we focus mainly on single monolayer graphene.

  • New thermionic emission from graphene and high efficient thermionic energy converter [1]

  • New diode equation for a graphene-semiconductor Schottky contact [2]

  • Inelastic electron tunnelling excitation of graphene plasmons [3]

The first two topics are in the collaboration with Mr. Shijun Liang (SUTD PhD student at SUTD), and the last one is with Dr. Kelvin Ooi (SUTD Post-doctoral fellow). The works are funded by SUTD-MIT IDC grant (IDG21200106 and IDD21200103).

[1] S. J. Liang, L. K. Ang, Phys. Rev. Applied 3, 014002 (2015)
[2] S. J. Liang, and L. K. Ang (submitted to Nano Letters)
[3] Kelvin J. A. Ooi, H. S. Chu, C. Y. Hsieh, Dawn Tan, and L. K. Ang (submitted to Phys. Rev. Applied)

About the Speaker
Lay-Kee (Ricky) ANG was trained as a theoretical and computational scientist, whose research interests are in the development of theoretical scaling laws and models that are able to capture the essential physics in any interesting problems with a strong focus on the physics and applications of charge particles (electrons) and lights (laser, electromagnetic wave) and plasma. He is a faculty member at EPD, and also the Director of Graduate Studies of SUTD. He is a senior member of IEEE and a member of American Physical Society (APS). He was also the founding chair of the local Chapter (Singapore) of the USA IEEE NPSS (Nuclear and Plasma Science Society).