ESD Industry Leaders Seminar: Leading the Sharing Economy in Singapore

21 Apr 2015 5.30pm to 7.00pm SUTD, 8 Somapah Rd, Building 2, Level 3, Think Tank 20 (Room 2.305)

Join us for a seminar featuring two talks by organisations leading the charge in developing the sharing economy in Singapore.

Talk 1: Overview of the Sharing Economy in Singapore
Speaker: Eugene Tay, President, Sharing Economy Association (Singapore)

Eugene will give an overview of the sharing economy in Singapore, including concept and statistics, business models and related companies in Singapore.

About Sharing Economy Association (Singapore)
The Sharing Economy Association (Singapore) is a new business association that aims to connect companies and organisations involved in the sharing economy in Singapore, develop a vibrant and viable industry, help members address challenges and explore opportunities, as well as raise public awareness on the sharing economy.

Talk 2: Sharing Economy and Transportation
Speaker: Terence Zou, Founder and CEO, RYDE Technologies

Terence will be speaking on how the sharing economy works and its application to transportation.

About RYDE Technologies
RYDE is a social enterprise that promotes ride-sharing, and aims to provide a sustainable alternative for the daily commute to solve issues of congestion and pollution facing all cities today.