ESD Research Seminar by Associate Professor Jun Luo

18 May 2015 11.00am to 12.00noon SUTD 8 Somapah Rd, Think Tank 21 (Building 2 Level 3 Room 2.310)

Join us for ESD Research Seminar by Associate Professor Jun Luo on Crowd Sensing: From System to Theory. 

Crowdsensing has started a new sensing paradigm, where human crowds (along with their mobile devices) are not only consumers of the sensed data but also their producers. Whereas the huge number of pervasively available mobile sensors (e.g., those embedded in smart phones) and their virtually unlimited spatial-temporal coverage may greatly improve the sensing efficiency (in gathering a sufficient amount of data) and the ubiquity (in capturing relevant events), the crowd need to be incentivized and their sensing data need to be under specific quality controls. In this talk, we will first talk about two crowdsensing systems we developed at NTU; they, on one hand, demonstrate the effectiveness of crowdsensing in solving indoor localization and car parking issues, while on the other hand, bringing us inspirations on how such system (in particular the quality of sensing) can be modelled. Then we talk about one of our recent theoretical investigations; it deals with smart recruitment of crowd to perform certain sensing tasks, bearing quality control and budget limit in mind.

Speaker Bio:
Jun Luo got his PhD degree in computer science from EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne), Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2006. He joined Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2008, where he is now an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Engineering. He has served in the TPC of several high-tier conferences, including ACM SenSys, MobiHoc, and IEEE INFOCOM. His research interests include wireless networking, mobile and pervasive computing, as well as applied operations research. 

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