IDC Seminar by Professor Anthony T. Patera

13 May 2015 3.30pm to 4.30pm SUTD, Lecture Theatre 3, Building 2, Level 4, 2.403

You are cordially invited to a seminar by Professor Anthony T. Patera. 

In this talk we describe “PDE apps” (or "simulation apps") for real-time solution of parametrized Partial Differential Equations. We shall focus on the educational context and the particular disciplines of acoustics and linear elasticity. We summarize the historical context and motivation, the computational methodology, the software architecture, the app development workflow, and the pedagogical framework. We then provide an in-depth demonstration: a “mini course” in introductory acoustics, facilitated by a simulation app Matlab API recently developed by Dr Phuong Huynh (Akselos, Inc, and MIT). We also present several examples from linear elasticity. Work in collaboration with the Akselos team (Boston, Ho Chi Minh City, and Lausanne offices), and Dr Simona Socrate (MIT).

About the Speaker
Prof. Anthony T. Patera is Ford Professor of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He also serves as Co-Director of the MIT Center for Computational Engineering.  Professor Patera holds SB and SM degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics also from MIT. His interests are partial differential equations, variational techniques, computational methods, model reduction, numerical analysis, data assimilation, fluid dynamics and transport, acoustics and continuum mechanics, and simulation in education. Professor Patera's awards include a Senior Research Chair from the Mathematical Foundation of Paris (2013) and the Thomas JR Hughes Medal of the United States Association for Computational Mechanics (2013). Professor Patera was formerly MIT Co-Director of the Singapore-MIT Alliance and is currently Visiting Professor at SUTD.