IDC Seminar by Prof Dan Jensen, US Air Force Academy

22 Jul 2015 2.30PM to 3.30PM

Estimates are that $150 billion is spent on new product development annually with only slightly over 50% of the new products ever coming to market. Methods that increase innovation in the product development process, particularly in the concept generation or ideation phase of design, can play a dramatic role in a product’s success. Dr Jensen and his colleagues have developed numerous methods that enhance creativity and the resulting development of innovative products and systems. Dr Jensen will provide an overview of a number of these “Methods to Enhance Innovation in Design” including “Transformational Design” and “Design by Analogy”. In addition, he will highlight numerous examples of innovative product systems recently developed by cadets at the US Air Force Academy including robots that transform into quad rotors, robots that climb walls and novel methods for hiding in plain sight based on emerging rapid prototyping technology.

About the Speaker
One of the original founders of Active Learning Products, Dr. Jensen received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1985), M.S. in Engineering Mechanics (1988) and Ph.D. in Aero. Engineering (1992) from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
His industrial experience includes Texas Instruments (Mechanical Design), Naval Research Labs (Ph.D. work), NASA Langley funded post doc and consulting at Lockheed and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and MSC Software.
He taught at University of the Pacific for 4 years and now is a Professor of Engineering Mechanics at the United States Air Force Academy. His research focuses on development of innovative design procedures and on advancements in engineering education.