SUTD Learning Celebration Carnival 2015 Day 2

25 Sep 2015 2 PM - 5 PM SUTD Campus Centre (Free admission)

SUTD invites you to join us in a celebration of innovation as our students share and reflect on their learning experiences from programmes held over the summer.

256 students on Internships
Hear about their internship experiences at over 100 local and overseas companies!

86 students on Asian Leadership Programme (ALP)
View the innovative product prototypes made during their 15-week exchange period at Zhejiang University ranging across 11 themes including Zen & Chinese Landscape Architecture, Healthy Living and Smart Home System! 

30 students on Global Leadership Programme (GLP)
Check out on how the students built a functional Electric Boat at MIT in just 8 weeks!  

40 students on Special Projects
Explore the different Fifth-Row activities organized by the various student groups!  

21 students on Undergraduate Research (UROP)
All undergraduates have the opportunity to do research under UROP. This year’s showcase includes an electric skateboard as a personal mobility device and research on the genetics of the tastes of durians!

Date Time Event Venue
23 September 2015, Wednesday 2.30 PM Opening Ceremony SUTD Campus Centre 
(Free admission)
2.40 PM Exhibition
25 September 2015, Friday 2 PM Exhibition

See you at the Learning Celebration Carnival 2015!

The registration details are to help in estimating the number of participants who will be attending our carnival and will be deleted after the event.