The Language of Architecture by Daniel Libeskind

01 Nov 2016 5.30 PM to 7.00 PM (Registration from 5.00 PM) SUTD Auditorium, (Building 2, Level 1, nearest to Lobby E and J), 8 Somapah Road, Singapore 487372

Thank you for attending The SUTD “Masters of Technology and Design” Lecture featuring Daniel Libeskind.

Hear from the man who’s as iconic as the buildings he’s designed.

Daniel Libeskind is an international figure in architecture and urban design. His practice extends from building major cultural and commercial institutions to private homes and object design. Best known for designing iconic buildings such as the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the Denver Art Museum, Libeskind is also the master-plan designer for the World Trade Center site in New York City.
Libeskind believes that buildings are crafted with perceptible human energy, and that they communicate the greater cultural context in which they are built. His commitment to expanding the scope of architecture reflects his profound interest and involvement in philosophy, art, literature and music.
In this talk, Libeskind will explore his philosophy of building and city-making while sharing some of the Studio’s latest projects across the globe.