IDC Seminar by Assistant Professor Jianxi Luo

27 Apr 2016 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM Lecture Theatre 5, Building 2 Level 5, 2.505

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Engineers, technology companies, or regional governments continually learn new technologies, explore innovation opportunities and roadmaps, in order to sustain or thrive. However, related activities and decisions are normally based on personal gut feeling or experiences.
To scientifically empower innovators and planners in the search for innovation, InnoGPS integrates an empirical network map of known technologies that represent the total technology space, and various map-based functions that allow users to navigate through the technology map, locate themselves, explore innovation opportunities and learn emerging and foundational technologies within and across neighborhoods, and identify capability-building paths to new technologies. 
InnoGPS is a “GPS for Innovation” in the technology space. It is conceived and designed by analogy from traditional GPS we use for positioning, neighborhood exploration and direction finding in the physical space. InnoGPS is based on integrated multidisciplinary research in design science, network science and data science.
About the Speaker
Jianxi Luo was born in Chongqing, China. He holds BS (2001) in Thermal Engineering and MS (2004) in Automotive Engineering from Tsinghua University, and MS (2006) in Technology & Policy and PhD (2010) in Engineering Systems from MIT. He is assistant professor at the Engineering Product Development Pillar of SUTD, and leads the Data-Driven Innovation Lab - Luo was a faculty member at Tandon School of Engineering of New York University, and a visiting scholar at Columbia University in NYC and University of Cambridge in UK. He is the current chair of the Technology Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Section (TIMES) of INFORMS.
Luo’s research aims to integrate design science, network science and data science, in order to develop scientific theories and data-driven design methods and tools that enhance innovation practices. His research has won 5 academic awards since 2010. In teaching, he has taught courses about entrepreneurship, innovation, design, as well as system modeling. In practices, Luo was a co-founder of several startups in the U.S., and is currently an advisor of a few startups in the U.S. and Singapore.