Admissions and Career Talk

02 Dec 2017 12.30 PM to 5.00 PM SUTD Campus Centre (Project showcase & hands-on activities) & Auditorium (Talk)
12.30 PM to 2.30 PM Registration, Pillar Sessions and Booth Interaction
  • Fringe activities
  • Pillar info sessions at 1.15 PM – 2.00 PM (Building 2, Level 2)
    - ASD: Think Tank 18 
    - ISTD: Think Tank 16
  • Booth interaction and campus tours
2.30 PM to 2.50 PM Opening Address
  • “The New Innovator” by Prof Kristin L. Wood (Co-Director, SUTD-MIT International Design Centre)
2.50 PM to 3.35 PM

Provost and Pillar Introductions, Q&A 

3.35 PM to 4.00 PM President’s Conversation with Industry, Alumni and Student
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Leong Khai Pang (Senior Consultant, Tan Tock Seng Hospital)
  • Chen Kian Khiong (Director, Freight Architects)
  • Aditya Batura (Co-founder, Codomo; ISTD Alumnus)
  • Agrim Singh (Co-founder, 26Factorial; ISTD Alumnus)
  • Hilda Thian (ESD Junior)
4.00 PM to 5.30 PM Light Refreshments, Pillar Sessions and Booth Interaction
  • Pillar info sessions at 4.15 PM – 5.00 PM (Building 2, Level 2)
    - EPD: Think Tank 16 
    - ESD: Think Tank 18 
  • Booth interaction and campus tours
5.30 PM End
Pillar Info Session
Time Think Tank 16
Building 2, Level 2
Think Tank 18
Building 2, Level 2
1.15 PM – 2.00 PM ISTD Pillar Info Session by Prof Aditya P Mathur, Head of Pillar 
Uniqueness of ISTD curriculum as compared to the computer science curricula at other universities, and how the students will benefit from it throughout their career.
ASD Pillar Info Session by Asst. Prof Sam Conrad Joyce and Asst. Prof Kenneth Joseph Tracy

Showcase of industry projects using computation, profiling future jobs and roles of technologically capable architects and sharing of ASD students' work and projects
4.15 PM – 5.00 PM  EPD Pillar Info Session by Prof Ang Lay Kee, Ricky, Interim Head of Pillar 

Course curriculum, focus tracks and career opportunities of EPD graduates. 
ESD Pillar Info Session by Prof Peter Jackson, Head of Pillar

Curriculum, course highlights, projects, focus tracks, career opportunities, employment statistics and graduate school opportunities.
Campus Layout

Fringe Activities

12.30 PM - 2.30 PM, SUTD Campus Centre, Level 2 

Musical Staircase

The Digital Design and Development club (3DC) has "musicalised" the main staircase at the SUTD Campus Centre with a simple circuit design, an online program and a set of tools known as "Makey Makey" to brighten up the environment. Feel free to step on the acrylic boards and compose a jingle - it will not only make your day, but those around you as well! When you are done, visit our booth to find out more about us, chat with our members and make something fast with the very same set of "Makey Makey" tools! You will be surprised at how fun the creation process can be!

The Digital Design and Development Club (3DC) is a congregation of technology enthusiasts, geeks or anyone who simply has an itch to change the world around them with technology. 3DC helms a myriad of computer science-related projects - from creating a central voice-controlled home automation system, an AI-powered smart mirror that responds to the user, to having outreach programs that teaches programming to secondary school students.
Create your own solar bug

A solar bug is a simple toy powered by solar panels. With some simple soldering, a solar panel can run a vibration motor, facilitating the bug’s movements. All these can be done without a battery! Join us to create your very own solar bug from scratch here! SUTD Energy Club is involved in all things energy, but we have a particular interest in green energy projects.

Speakers’ Bio

SUTD Speakers

Industry Speakers

Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Leong Khai Pang (Tan Tock Seng Hospital)

Dr Leong Khai Pang is a senior consultant in the Department of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology and Director of the Clinical Research & Innovation Office in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1987, and became a member and fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh in 1993 and 2002, respectively. He spends his time seeing patients, promoting research in Tan Tock Seng Hospital and conducting his own research projects.

Chen Kian Khiong (Freight Architects)
Chen Kian Khiong is the foundation of Freight. With his vast experience in project and team management, he is leading the company in business and strategic development. Kian Khiong is a Registered Architect with Board of Architects Singapore. Kian Khiong believes that great design requires a strong project team to execute the project. Budget and timeline, together with Design, are central to the success of every project. Kian Khiong always consider himself as a ”Freighter”. He believes that every design and client’s brief can be packaged and consolidated, and he will be able to deliver it to the best satisfaction. Prior to Freight, Kian Khiong was Senior Associate in DP Architects Singapore and has overseen many developments mainly in residential, commercial, medical and hospitality.

SUTD Alumni

Aditya Batura, Co-Founder & CEO, Codomo; ISTD Alumnus

Aditya Batura is an SUTD Pioneer and also the Co-founder & CEO of education technology startup, Codomo, with whom he has recently launched Potato Pirates - a card game that teaches programming concepts. Potato Pirates has gone on to become the highest funded gaming project to ever come out of Singapore on Kickstarter, a global crowdfunding platform. Aditya is passionate about growth hacking, to which he attributes the success of Potato Pirates. Aditya describes growth hacking as experimental but efficient ways to build and engage the user base of a business. He graduated from the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar with specialisation in Information Security and Communication. Prior to Codomo, he has worked with international shipping and logistics firms as a Software Developer and Information Technology Manager.

Agrim Singh, Co-Founder, 26Factorial; ISTD Alumni
Singh (Class of 2016) co-started 26Factorial with fellow SUTD graduate Le Vu Huy (EPD ’16/Computer Engineering).  26Factorial took the top prize at the Budweiser Dream Brewery Pitch Day in 2016, where the team built a drunk detector and also pitched for a machine that is able read personalities, choosing to dispense alcohol according to certain profiles. The team walked away with the grand prize of $25,000 and a partnership with ABInBev, one of the top 5 consumer product companies in the world. Agrim also participated in and won numerous hackathons, including SG Enable’s coLAB hackathon in 2014, Tech-in-Asia’s startup hackathon in 2014, and MSD Singapore Global Challenge 2016.  26Factorial’s face recognition tool, Facerecog (Asia), is used by Sentosa, Unilever, NEC, amongst others. Agrim was also a Student Ambassador and was involved in SUTD Bands.

SUTD Student

Hilda Thian, ESD Junior

Formerly from Victoria Junior College, Hilda enrolled in SUTD in 2015 and is currently a junior year student with the Engineering Systems & Design pillar in SUTD. She has been involved in two Fifth Row clubs – Rotaract and Minions. In particular, she served as the Club Director of Minions – a club dedicated to improving the welfare of SUTD students, during her sophomore year. Hilda also went to Zhejiang University during the Asian Leadership Programme 2016.  


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