The Development of Communication Payload in China

09 May 2017 10.30 AM to 12.00 PM Lecture Theatre 3, Building 2, Level 4, Room 2.403

You are cordially invited to Graduate Studies seminar by Yu HongXi, Chief Engineer, China Academy of Space Technology. Register your interest here.


This paper describes CAST Xi’an contribution to the communication satellite of China, and also the development of communication payload in China.  CAST Xian is main satellite payload supplier in China, 100% communication payload of domestic satellites is provided by CAST Xi’an and Brief introduction of CAST Xi’an is included. At last, DFH-2, DFH-3 and NIGCOMSAT-1 payloads are introduced in detail. DFH-2 satellite payload consists of a C-band antenna and 4 C-band repeaters; DFH-3 satellite payload consists of a C-band dual-gridded reflector antenna and 24 C-band repeaters. NIGCOMSAT-1 payloads consist of 7 antennas and 40 repeaters which operate at Ka, Ku, C and L frequency bands.

About the Speaker

Yu Hongxi is a national-level expert in field of aerospace technology. He acted as Deputy Chief Designer of multi satellite programs, responsible for payload design. He has been a chief designer of a satellite, in charge of the whole satellite design. He was awarded one National-level Prize and five Ministry-level Prizes in science and technology. He now serves as Chief Engineer of CAST Xi’an. He has published more than 50 academic papers on technology magazines. As tutor of PhD and master, he has trained two Ph. D and twelve masters.