Seniors Spill

27 Oct 2018 9.00 AM to 1.30 PM SUTD Campus Centre

Find out from your Poly seniors, Faculty and staff in SUTD why we’re ranked as the top emerging engineering institution in the world:

  • How and what you learn
  • What makes our culture distinctive
  • How you can be part of this family!


9.00 AM to 10.00 AM Registration + Meet your seniors @ SUTD
Start your day with a cup of coffee and breakfast on us!
Mingle with your seniors currently studying at SUTD.
10.00 AM to 11.10 AM Learning @ SUTD
Discover what undergraduate programmes are available at SUTD and how we make learning fun and engaging. Find out how your diploma and your interests are aligned with our 4 focus areas that support Singapore’s smart nation initiatives – in Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, Cities, and Healthcare – and the opportunities these bring, in terms of programmes, internship, overseas exposure and research experiences.
11.10 AM to 11.25 AM Getting into SUTD
Find out how you can get into SUTD and the scholarships and financial assistance schemes available.
11.25 AM to 12.15 PM Explore SUTD
Meet our pillar representatives when you go on the ASD+EPD tour route or the ESD+ISTD tour route and learn more about the respective undergraduate programmes and projects.
12.15 PM to 12.30 PM Life @ SUTD
Hear what your seniors have to say about their life in SUTD.
12.30 PM to 1.30 PM Lunch 
Catch up with SUTD Professors, friends and seniors over lunch
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