Talk by Professor Klaus von Klitzing

14 Jan 2020 3.30PM to 4.30PM SUTD Albert Hong Lecture Theatre

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Hear from esteemed winner of the 1985 Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor Klaus von Klitzing, at the Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) 2020

Our New International System of Units

Professor von Klitzing is a Nobel Laureate who won the prestigious award in 1985 for his discovery of the quantum Hall effect (QHE). This opened an entirely new research field and also plays a major role in metrology. Until today, his work is still making waves in the scientific community – in most recent times, the quantum Hall resistance played a crucial role for the realisation of a new SI system, which includes a new definition of the kilogram. Professor von Klitzing's talk will explore the application of the QHE in metrology with a focus on the replacement of the kilogram by a fixed value for the Planck constant and what it means for us.

This session is held in conjunction with Global Young Scientists Summit 2020, organised by the National Research Foundation Singapore.