ASD @ Asia Pacific Architecture Festival 2021

16 Mar 2021 - 19 Mar 2021 Various Online / Virtual

In conjunction with 2021 Asia Pacific Architecture Festival, SUTD's Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) pillar is delivering an exciting programme of exhibition, webinars and podcast to promote and celebrate architecture’s pivotal role in the culture, sustainability and economy of the Asia Pacific region. 

Check out the summary of our activities below, or head to Asia Pacific Architecture Festival 2021's official website.

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Hearing Architecture X APAF Podcast

Featuring Professor Erwin Viray, Head of ASD

The Asia Pacific Architecture Festival is teaming up with the Hearing Architecture podcast to produce two special episodes with guests from all across the Asia Pacific region. Each episode will feature a discussion between some of the most engaging academics and practitioners in the architecture profession discussing their areas of expertise. 

The first episode featuring Prof Erwin Viray, will focus on education and the balance of traditional architecture knowledge and contemporary architectural skills. 

Date/time: 16 March, 4pm SGT

Podcast Link

Inform/Reform: Education of an Architect – An AI Point of View

Featuring Assistant Professor Immanuel Koh (moderator)

Join this webinar to discover the ways in which AI (artificial intelligence) has already permeated the core academic curriculums at some of the most forward-looking schools of architecture. Leading international academics and practitioners will share how artificial intelligence is radically augmenting the future of architectural intelligence.  

Guest Speakers: 
Neil Leach, Associate Professor, Florida International University, USA.
Alisa Andrasek, Professor, RMIT, Australia.

Date/time: 19 March, 10am SGT

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Inform/Reform: Housing and the Innovative City

Dr Cheong Koon Hean, Chairman of the Centre for Liveable Cities (MND) and the incoming Chairman of SUTD’s Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities;
Assistant Professor Peter Ortner (moderator)

A discussion on the experience of public housing in Singapore and lessons that can be learned for creating more liveable cities world-wide. Topics of discussion will begin with access to housing and move on to the principles of urban design for public residential neighbourhoods, ending with discussing housing design itself, generosity of space, appropriation, and affordability. 
Guest Speaker:
Benedikt Boucsein, Professor for Urban Design, TUM

Date/time: 19 March, 4pm SGT

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ASD Grad Show 6: Multiplicity

In the face of a new normal, the way space is experienced is no longer the same. 

Multiplicity tells a story of how ASD students, through their architectural education at SUTD, have found ways to bring their ideas to reality through innovation and technology. The sixth annual Architecture and Sustainable Design Grad Show explores how digital tools and technology can express new ideas. 

Social media and augmented reality are utilized to make architectural exploration more accessible, and become a tool to design and visualise delightful spaces and objects. Multiplicity brings together projects by students for whom the concept of multiplicity in its many forms provide an avenue for architectural representation. This mixed reality exhibition celebrates the myriad possibilities students can bring to the urban environment, featuring works from the B.Sc (ASD) and M.Arch graduates.

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