Programming with Robots: A Hands-on Experience

15 Mar 2021 - 17 Mar 2021 1PM to 5PM SUTD, i3 Lab (1.605)

At this 3-day workshop, get ready to code and programme your own robots for an ultimate bot showdown

Workshop synopsis

​15 March, Monday

  • Learn the fundamentals of simple programming using Arduinos to code a simple differential drive robot

16 March, Tuesday

  • Develop critical thinking when you programme your robot to solve a maze

17 March, Wednesday

  • Race your maze-solving bots in a robot showdown to win excitng prizes


Assistant Professor Malika Meghjani
PhD in Computer Science, McGill University, Canada 

'World's 50 Most Renowned Women in Robotics'
Analytics Insight

Listed on Robohub as one of the 30 Women in Robotics in 2019, Dr Malika Meghjani is a Roboticist and an Assistant Professor at SUTD. Her research interests include Mobile Robotics, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), Self-Driving Cars, Algorithm Design among others, with her research experience spanning over a decade. She has a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Multi-Robot Coordination, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, from McGill University, Canada. She is passionate to nurture young minds in the fields of Robotics, and conducts such workshops regularly to inspire and educate them.

Registration for the workshop is now closed as we have reached maximum capacity. Thank you for your interest.