International Conference on Technology and Design 2021

04 Sep 2021 - 25 Sep 2021 From 9AM Online

Technology and Design: The Way We Shape the Future

The upcoming 3rd International Conference on Technology and Design (ICTD) 2021 is hosted by Zhejiang University (ZJU) and co-hosted by SUTD.

Titled “Technology and Design: The Way We Shape the Future”, ICTD 2021 will be presented over the four Saturdays of September 2021. The Conference will start on 4 September, at 9.30am, with opening address by both ZJU Vice President, Prof He Lianzhen and SUTD Provost, Prof Phoon Kok Kwang.

As the co-host, SUTD speakers will share insightful thoughts and experiences in various areas. Prof Tai Lee Siang will explain the importance of design in circularity and sustainability, while Assoc Prof Arlindo Silva share how the Masters of Innovation by Design Programme plays a role in talent development, and Assistant Prof Mohan Rajesh Elara explain more about the design, development and deployment of reconfigurable maintenance robots.

SUTD will also host a half-day session by Prof Ricky Ang on Day 3, in the morning of 18 September, where Assoc Provost Prof Ashraf Kassim, Assistant Prof Carlos Banon and Syam Kumar Prabhakaran will share on topics related to SUTD Design and Artificial Intelligence Programme, Innovation in Sustainable Architecture, and SUTD Sustainability Vision, respectively. In addition, speakers from Surbana Jurong Group, Johnson Controls, and GreenA Consultants have also been invited to share their industry perspectives on sustainability.

SUTD Speakers at ICTD 2021

Day 1, 4 September, Saturday

9.30AM: Welcome Remarks
Prof Phoon Kok Kwang, SUTD Provost

10.55AM: Circular Economy in a Global Perspective
Prof Tai Lee Siang, Head of Pillar, Architecture and Sustainable Design

Day 2, 11 September, Saturday

10.20AM: Innovation by Design – A new post-graduate program at SUTD
Assoc Prof Arlindo Silva, Programme Director, Master of Innovation by Design (MIbD)

Day 3, 18 September, Saturday

Topic: SUTD Sustainability Plan

Hosted by Prof Ricky Ang, 

9.30AM: An Innovative Programme @ SUTD that Brings Together Design and AI
Prof Ashraf Kassim, Associate Provost, Graduate Studies and Programme Director, Design and Artificial Intelligence

9.55AM: Innovation in Sustainable Architecture through Digital Manufacturing and Design
Assistant Prof Carlos Bañón, Architecture and Sustainable Design

10.20AM: A better World by Design – SUTD Sustainability Vision
Mr Syam Kumar Prabhakaran, Head, Environmental Health & Safety

Day 4: 25 September, Saturday

9.55AM: Sharing of entrepreneurial projects (Internet Plus)
Assistant Prof Mohan Rajesh Elara, Engineering Product Development

Besides the speakers from ZJU and SUTD, many speakers from other universities have been invited to give talks at ICTD 2021. The strong line-up includes Peter Childs from Imperial College London, Prof Xin Xiangyang, Tongji University, Prof Cees de Bont, Loughborough University, Prof Makoto Watanable from Chiba University, Prof Byung-keun Oh from Yonsei University, Prof Yao Lining from Carnegie Mellon University and many more.

For the full programme and registration, please refer to the conference website.

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