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  • Smart seat inspired by daily commute
    31 Oct 2016

    Seventeen-year-olds Linus Lim and Maizurah Razali live near each other in Serangoon, and take two buses to get to their school ITE College Central daily, sometimes together.

  • Singapore Government adopting indoor 3D mapping: How 3D mapping works
    31 Oct 2016

    SINGAPORE - The Republic is pushing ahead to map more indoor spaces in three-dimensions for a variety of reasons ranging from managing crowds during emergencies to preserving buildings digitally - and lasers are key in these efforts.

  • No permit, but drones are still flying high
    30 Oct 2016

    On weekends, an otherwise obscure field in Tampines comes alive. Scores of people troop in, set up their gadgets and engage in their favourite weekend activity.

  • Laws governing drones should be reviewed more frequently, say industry players
    16 Oct 2016

    SINGAPORE — Some can hit speeds of 80km per hour and stay aloft for 45 minutes. Others are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand with a camera attached; and some can even pelt small projectiles.

  • Ideas for Singapore's bus stop makeover
    15 Oct 2016

    The Singapore bus stop has come a long way since the 1950s, when it was little more than a basic sign post for people to gather around, to the current modern-day structure with seats, fans and electronic display boards.

  • Singapore's cybersecurity skills shortage: Why it matters
    14 Oct 2016

    SINGAPORE: In his speech launching Singapore’s national cybersecurity strategy earlier this week, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong warned of cyberattacks and threats “becoming more frequent and sophisticated, with more severe consequences”.

  • 新科大明清古建筑 今起上演古雅南音
    07 Oct 2016