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  • SUTD grads match peers on pay scale
    29 Mar 2016

    It may be only four years old, but the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has produced graduates who are just as marketable as those from the more established local universities.

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    29 Mar 2016

    singapore18 today • tuesday 29 March 2016 STARTING SALARIES SUTD fresh graduates who majored in information systems technology and design, earned a median gross monthly salary of S$3,950. Those from engineering product development were paid S$3,600.

  • More women working in science engineering sectors
    25 Mar 2016

    Singapore continues to present opportunities for women in science and engineering, and they are making up a growing proportion of those working in such fields.

  • Buildings can play part in green fight
    13 Mar 2016

    Audrey Tan, Straits Times AsiOne 11 Mar 16; The world may have signed a pact to tackle climate change last December, but its effects are still being felt far and wide.

  • Getting our science right
    01 Mar 2016

    How does Singapore plan to tackle our dearth of engineers? True to our technocratic ways, the government recently announced a series of measures that can be expressed as a formula: Higher pay + training opportunities + leadership scheme = 1,000 engineers.