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基础设施保护法符合时宜 落实须克服人力成本挑战

12 Sep 2017

Lianhe Zaobao, 12 September 2017, Infrastructure Protection Bill is timely; its implementation should overcome the challenge of manpower costs (summarised translation)


A new Infrastructure Protection Bill was proposed by the Ministry of Home Affairs to ramp up security measures for buildings more likely to be targeted by terrorists.
When interviewed, Singapore University of Technology and Design’s Architecture and Sustainable Design Head of Pillar, Professor Erwin Viray, commented that although there are some measures already in place to provide security measures in selected and critical buildings, the Infrastructure Bill will help to codify and insure a consistent quality to the placement of these measures, and at the same time, act as a deterrent to attackers.
He added: “But as always the case, there is still a need for continued vigilance, and the agility to respond to the constantly and rapidly changing conditions, so hopefully, the Bill should also allow for quick and fast response required for such situations.