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50“网红”宣传财政预算案 年轻网民感觉“受侮辱”

21 Jan 2018

Lianhe Zaobao, 21 Jan 2018, 50 “influencers” promote Singapore’s Budget; Young netizens feel “insulted” (summarised translation)

In an effort to reach out to younger Singaporeans, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) has paid for over 50 social media "influencers" to post on Instagram to promote the Budget process. However, this move has triggered controversy among internet users, who questioned and ridiculed the action.
In a report that appeared the day before yesterday, AFP News said that Singapore had sparked mockery with Instagram 'influencers' for budget. Regarding this, Prof Lim Sun Sun, Head of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at the Singapore University of Technology and Design said in an interview that internet users’ criticism may stem from the fact that these influencers “lack real understanding of the budget details”, and some even misspelt the name of the Ministry of Finance, giving the impression of being unprofessional. 
“For these influencers who rarely comment on current affairs, they may be unable to convey the gravity of the Budget process. I do not think that our young people are apathetic towards politics; therefore they may feel insulted when the Budget is conveyed to them in such a superficial manner.”