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新科大学生设计“互动把手” 下车乘客可按亮提示灯

10 Dec 2018

Lianhe Zaobao, 8 Dec 2018, SUTD students design “interactive handles; Alighting passengers can press a button that lights up (translation)

First-year students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) designed an “interactive handle” to encourage train passengers to move to the middle of the cabin to avoid congesting the train entranceway.
As long as the passenger holds onto the “interactive handle”, the top of the handle will light up, and the light will change colour as the passenger moves. If the passenger wants to get off, he can press the button on the handle and a red light will light up to remind other passengers to make way for the alighting passenger, thus reducing congestion.
The “Interactive Handle” was designed by five students. Lim Jun Wei (22), the project team leader, said: “I believe that people who regularly take the MRT have experienced inconvenience caused by people standing at the entranceway of train cars and causing congestion. Although there are now station staff who try to get passengers to cooperate by asking them to move in to the middle of the train, through our design idea, we hope to provide passengers with a better ride experience and that they will move into the train cabins more spontaneously.”
Lim Jun Wei further shared that the computer programming knowledge used in the design of the “interactive handle” was self-taught by the team members. Although the team met with some challenges during the learning process, they were pleased with being able to use what they have learnt in school to benefit society.
SUTD first-year students exhibited a total of 86 design projects that aim to solve personal or social problems yesterday, based on the theme “At Play”.