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Innovfest Suzhou 2018

20 Jun 2018

At the Innovfest held at Suzhou on 20 June, it was announced that the Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee will be working with three Singapore organisations, the Temasek Foundation International, NIE International (NIEI) and the Singapore University of Technology and Design, on a three-year programme. The Suzhou Industrial Park will be the hub of an innovation and creativity programme where primary, secondary and pre-university teachers will learn about innovative teaching pedagogies to better teach science, design and technology. The SUTD Academy will be providing training for the pre-university teachers, while training of primary and secondary school teachers will be provided by NIEI.
At the opening event, SUTD President Prof Chong Tow Chong, gave a talk entitled SUTD’s Unique Design Innovations - Creating A Better Future With All.

EPD Associate Prof Arlindo Silva and Assistant Prof Mohan Elara gave talks on design innovation at the Suzhou Industrial Park Youth and Children Centre on that afternoon, and jointly conducted a two-day workshop at Xingzhou School on 21 & 22 June.

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