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05 Sep 2018

Lianhe Zaobao, 5 Sep 2018, SUTD students design an electric motorcycle (translation)

Seven graduating students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) worked with local car design company, Shado, to design and assemble an electric motorcycle. It has a top speed of 120 kilometers and features a dashboard and a detachable battery.

A group of SUTD students designed Singapore’s first electric motorcycle, which featured an advanced dashboard and detachable battery.

With more and more local electric vehicle charging stations available, environmentally friendly electric vehicles are becoming less uncommon. However, there are still not many electric motorcycles on the roads.

Seven SUTD students teamed up with local car design company, Shado, to design and assemble an electric motorcycle with a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

The motorcycle, called SHADOracer, was the team's Capstone (final year) project. Its biggest unique feature is the detachable battery. The rider can remove the battery, take it home to charge it, and then put it back in the next day, which is quick and convenient. In addition, the battery can be charged very quickly; it can be fully charged within 7 minutes, and one battery can be used to cover a distance of about 30 kilometers.

Another special feature of the motorcycle is the design of its innovative dashboard. Once it is connected to the phone, the dashboard will instantly display weather forecasts, GPS and roadmaps, etc. 

The design team revealed that after speaking with many motorcyclists, they found that most riders have experienced sudden storms while on the road, so they decided to modify the design of the dashboard to address this issue.

On why the team decided to design an electric motor vehicle, team member Nicholas Phay (24 years old) said: "In our view, sustainable design is the trend of the times, so during our conception phase, we decided to design an electric motorcycle. The instructor originally thought that the design project was too huge, and was worried that the team would not be able to finish it as scheduled, but fortunately we managed to do it.”

There is talk that Shado will consider launching this motorcycle into the market after perfecting its design.

Nicholas also said that although Singapore has many motor vehicle product testing and testing bases, it is lacking in the design aspect.

He said: "We hope that through our own design, we can prove that Singapore has the ability to design a practical and beautiful motor vehicle, so that more people will pay attention to this market segment.”