Tech products that are no longer unsuitable for kids

22 Jul 2022

Lianhe Zaobao, 22 Jul 2022, 科技产品不再儿童不宜​ (summarised translation)
HASS head, Prof Lim Sun Sun was interviewed on how the kids’ tech market is growing with customised smart watches, cameras, printers, tablets and headsets. She explained that #techforkids is a natural expansion strategy since the technology market for adults is reaching saturation for some product categories.
On when children should be given their first personal device, Prof Lim stressed that there is no magic formula. Every family has its own approach to parenting and attitude to technology use. Some parents see technology as posing many risks while others may be highly optimistic about its benefits. Parents must do what accords with their parenting styles and consider each child’s maturity, self-regulatory ability and preferences.
She also felt that allowing the kids tech market to mature to a stage where children will have the autonomy to independently select and purchase their own gadgets as they do stationery is a bad idea. Technological devices with their multiple affordances are not straightforward tools.
What children do on devices to inform, educate and entertain themselves, and to connect with others, have tremendous implications for their personal development. The purchase of technological devices must be undertaken with close guidance through a consultative process between kids and parents.