Advisory and Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019):

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  • Got a technological solution? Wear it
    10 Dec 2016

    Fancy a wrist device that warns you if your current location makes you a prime target for mosquitoes, an ever-present concern with viruses like dengue fever and Zika?

  • A safer drive with the Risk Watch
    10 Dec 2016

    He was in the police during national service and had to drive during the midnight shift. After nearly falling asleep at the wheel several times, Mr Loo Jun Wen, 21, realised how easy it was for motorists to doze off.

  • Singapore Strengthens Commitment To Research Integrity
    30 Nov 2016

    Four of Singapore’s top universities and research institutions are adopting a unified set of standards for research publications.

  • Closing The Loop Amidst the Cobblestones of Malmo
    30 Nov 2016

    We're gathered in the historic city of Malmo, Sweden this week with six innovators and some of the world's leading experts on sustainability to harness the power of collective solutions. "It's amazing to be here in Malmö with this years innovators," says Sofus Midtgaard the Nordic lead on LAUNCH.

  • New research shows chitosan bioplastics may help seal tissue tears or other injuries
    29 Nov 2016

    Chitosan, a biomaterial derived from the chitin shells of crustaceans and insects, has already been developed by scientists at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering into an environmentally-friendly and fully biodegradable substitute for plastic.

  • 建设局通用设计比赛作品 国家图书馆展出
    25 Nov 2016


  • Workers get tips on staying relevant in the digital age
    19 Nov 2016

    The traits Singapore professionals need to cultivate to get ahead are to show they can think big picture, spot trends and are willing to learn.

  • SUTD to offer cyber security master's next year
    14 Nov 2016

    Taking cyber security to the next level, the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is now accepting applications to be part of the pioneer batch for its Master of Science in Security by Design (MSSD).

  • To beat traffic jams, learn from the swarm
    07 Nov 2016

    SINGAPORE: Ants, fish and amoeba all have something in common that humans don’t - they can work perfectly in tandem to solve a common problem.