SUTD-Keysight Technologies MoU Speech by Gooi Soon Chai

06 Dec 2017

SUTD-Keysight Technologies MoU Signing and Measurement Technologies Lab Launch
Speech by Gooi Soon Chai
President, Electronic Industrial Solutions Group
President, Keysight Technologies Singapore & Malaysia
Senior Vice-president, Keysight Technologies Inc.
Good morning,

  • the honorable, Minister S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry)
  • Professor Thomas Magnanti, President, SUTD
  • Professor Chong Tow Chong, SUTD Provost
  • Mr. Lim Kok Kiang, Assistant Managing Director, EDB
  • Distinguished guests
  • Members of the media
  • Ladies and gentlemen

It is a great pleasure for me to be here today to formalize the collaboration between SUTD and Keysight.

This collaboration will advance new technologies, introduce new capabilities and produce industry relevant researchers – all critical elements that enable us to face the challenges of today. 

This is especially pertinent when you consider the changing world we live in.
Look at the time from the birth of the personal computer to the explosion of social networking today. Technology had advanced significantly within a few short years.

And it continues to accelerate exponentially! We are now on the brink of a new era – the era of the connected world. We are now looking at smart homes and smart education; smart healthcare and smart fashion – clothes that can “breathe” or change color according to your mood. Quite literally, technology is now infused into the fabric of society!

In just 3 years from now, about 30B devices will be connected; and, every individual will be connected to at least 10 of such devices.
This will also change the face of industry and bring new challenges.

Organizations now must deliver products and services, FASTER, BETTER and SAFER. Industry 4.0 is emerging, promising to do this with advanced manufacturing processes like robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics.
Ladies and gentlemen, all these advancements are changing the way we live, work, play and do business. This calls for new ways of thinking and doing things……it calls for us to RE-IMAGINE INNOVATION!
Just like this SUTD campus. It was designed to capture the natural wind flow of the area, to keep the place cool. I can imagine how the different domains of technology and design, architecture, physics and geography came together to achieve this. 

This is the kind of convergence and cross-collaboration that we need in order to re-imagine innovation. And this CONVERGENCE OF TECHNOLOGIES AND MINDS is what brings us here today!

The collaboration between SUTD and Keysight brings together 2 forward-looking, world-leading organizations with strong foundations in innovation excellence.

SUTD is a leading institution for industry-oriented research in engineering and architecture. And, it is acknowledged as one of the first universities in the world to incorporate the art & science of design with technology.
And, Keysight is the world’s leading technology company that is accelerating innovation to connect and secure the world. Our expertise and solutions help our customers develop next-generation technologies – like 5G, IoT, cyber-security and connected cars.

Our strong culture of innovation spans nearly 8 decades. It is a legacy of Hewlett Packard, where we established our roots in 1939. And, incidentally, this was the same seed that started the Silicon Valley.    

Today, Keysight’s R&D capabilities are around the world, including here in Singapore. Our Singapore center of excellence is responsible for developing key technologies in the area of IoT security, data analytics and advance manufacturing.

Therefore, I am very excited about this collaboration. It combines the research talents of SUTD, with the resources and expertise of Keysight.
In this collaboration, Keysight is contributing a total of S$10million in sponsorship and research grants to SUTD. This goes into the Measurement Technologies Lab and its activities.

The Lab will be equipped with Keysight’s state-of-the art equipment. And the research conducted here will be tightly aligned to the current priorities of the industry. This includes areas of analytics, IoT security and smart factories of the future – all elements of Industry 4.0.

As we formalize this partnership today, we are taking the first step in a journey of many miles together. I am personally very excited and looking forward to the opportunities that this partnership can bring.

With SUTD and Keysight together, we will RE-IMAGINE INNOVATION! Thank you.