SUTD Academy, the Continuing Education & Training (CET) arm of SUTD, offers a comprehensive array of programmes to help organisations meet their reskilling goals, and equip individuals with the skills and competencies to develop a competitive advantage in today’s knowledge–intensive and technology-driven economy.

Upcoming Courses

  • SCTP SOC Analyst

    Forge a career in cybersecurity: (SCTP) SOC Analyst training prepares you to excel as a vigilant guardian of digital assets.

    (SCTP) SOC (Security Operations Centre) Analyst 


  • Unlock the future of creativity with our Generative AI for Design course, where innovation meets artificial intelligence to transform your design processes.

    Generative AI for Design


  • Python Fundamentals

    Start your Python journey with our foundational course, perfect for beginners seeking to learn the fundamentals.

    Fundamentals of Python (Basic)


  • Ai Ethics and Governance

    Shape the future of AI responsibly: Join us for Mastering AI Ethics & Governance and gain the expertise to lead with integrity in a rapidly evolving landscape.

    Mastering AI Ethics & Governance


  • Foundation of Digital Marketing

    Elevate your marketing game: Foundation in Digital Marketing equips you with the tools and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

    Foundation of Digital Marketing


  • Digital transformation

    Step into the realm of digital mastery and uncover the secrets to igniting innovation, navigating risks, and molding your organization's future.

    Build your Digital Transformation Strategy


  • intro to AI

    Embark on a journey to explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and its transformative application.

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence



    Master the art of Database management with our RDBMS course, equipping you with essential skills to design, query, and administer relational databases efficiently. 

    Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)


  • Driving Sustainable Transformation

    Embark on a journey of sustainable finance, empowering you to lead with vision, resilience, and innovation in shaping a more sustainable financial world.

    Sustainable Finance


Our offerings

  • academy5_455x180

    Up-skill and re-skill with our short courses in data analytics, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, tech-enabled services.

    Short Courses
  • sctp-teaser

    A train-and-place programme with SUTD Academy's employment facilitation and career mentorship. Available in part-time or full-time.

    SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP)
  • Professional-cert

    Accelerate your career journey with SUTD Academy's Professional Certificates. Gain a competitive edge with targeted skills and industry knowledge, tailored for your career aspirations.

    Professional Certificate Programme
  • web-panel

    Short, bite-sized, modular courses that you can build towards a Master's Degree.

    ModularMaster Programme
  • corporate-training-child

    We work with organisations in a wide range of disciplines to provide innovative design and technology solutions to their businesses. Learn more on how we can partner your organisation to design a programme to address your specific requirements.

    Customised Corporate Training Programme

Why SUTD Academy

SUTD Academy was established to enable its faculty and industry practitioners to update and upgrade the knowledge and skills of professionals, managers, executives and its Alumni through professional education and training.

At the Academy, we believe in lifelong education that goes beyond formal learning and that is self-driven, self-planned and self-initiated. Through our Professional Education and Training courses, you develop relevant skills to excel in your work and overcome the numerous challenges of tomorrow.

Master of Science in Technology and Design (Cybersecurity)

Develop design innovation expertise intertwined with IT security, fostering skills relevancy in the cybersecurity industry where threats and technologies evolve rapidly.

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Master of Science in Technology and Design (Sustainable Product Design)

Upgrade your skillset with knowledge in sustainable product design and management to fast-track your careers or entrepreneurial pursuits as technically-grounded leaders and innovators.

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