Using Component Margins for Early Stage Design: A Product Perspective

26 May 2017 Tan Jun Yuan James EPD Component Performance Limit Margins

PhD Student
Tan Jun Yuan James, Engineering Product Development
Kristin L. Wood, Head of Pillar and Professor, Engineering Product Development

Engineers must have the ability to accurately assess component performance limit margins to be able to estimate with precision the impact of individual components on overall system performance, and thereby design the system for optimal performance.
This research project aims to provide a platform for engineers to optimise their system design efforts by evaluating the trade-off between component margins and system performance.
This platform is particularly suited for industry because it allows rapid trade-offs between requirements and constraints, providing engineers with the insight to deal with knowledge-based uncertainties.
Engineers can then take one or more of the following actions:

  1. Accept or revise their concept design knowing their component constraint margins.

  2. Renegotiate with customers to revise existing system requirements.

  3. Vary component margins depending on their sensitivity.

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