Multicast Transmission in 5G: The Era of Massive MIMO Multicasting

27 Oct 2017 Meysam Sadeghi EPD Massive MIMO Cellular Networks

PhD Student
Meysam Sadeghi, Engineering Product Development
Yuen Chau, Associate Professor, Engineering Product Development

This research project presents new algorithms for multicast transmission in 5G cellular networks.
Mobile data traffic is expected to grow to 49 exabytes per month globally by 2020. A portion of this is used for transmitting digital contents (e.g. broadcast of sporting events, live shows, news, etc.) that cater to groups of users instead of particular ones. To transmit such contents efficiently and economically, a special form of transmission, termed multicast transmission, is required.
Existing multicast transmission algorithms employed in 3G and 4G cellular networks cannot be applied to 5G cellular networks due to many practical challenges. In this research project, novel, practical and super-efficient algorithms for multicast transmission in 5G, based on massive MIMO technology, are developed to overcome those challenges.

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