SUTD-CGU Dual Masters Programme

Programme Overview

The SUTD-CGU Dual Masters Programme in Nano-Electronic Engineering and Design (NEED) is an 18-month, full-time programme established in collaboration with SUTD and Chang Gung University (CGU).

The NEED programme seeks to train the next generation of integrated circuit (IC) engineers and designers who will be able to take on key positions in the electronics industry, a key sector of growth in Singapore under the Electronics Industry Transformation Map.

Students will undergo a unique, multidisciplinary learning experience encompassing the full value chain of the semiconductor industry, particularly in the emerging areas of nano-electronic design, production and testing. The NEED programme covers research and coursework in (but not limited to):

  • IC design
  • IC production and packaging
  • IC testing, reliability and failure analysis
  • IC chip assembly and packaging

About Chang Gung University (CGU)

CGU, which is SUTD’s strategic partner in the NEED programme, is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. It was ranked as the top private university in Taiwan by the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2016 and is well-established in semiconductor, integrated circuit design, assembly and failure analysis research.

CGU is also part of the Formosa Plastics Group conglomerate and maintains strong industry links with the Taiwan electronics sector. Click here to view more about CGU.

Candidature Period

Full-Time Only: 18 months (2 Terms of 9 months, 1 at CGU and 1 at SUTD).
The NEED programme has a maximum candidature of 36 months.

Research Projects

To complete their Master thesis, students are required to undertake and complete a research project that will be co-supervised by SUTD and CGU faculty. Click here to view all the available research projects.