Professional Development Short Courses

SUTD recognises that Graduate school goes beyond acquiring deeper academic knowledge and is committed to prepare our students to be future-ready, technically grounded leaders with the relevant knowledge, attributes and skills. These short courses provide on-going learning opportunities that keep graduate students relevant in today’s rapidly changing world.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Clinic
    • Intellectual Property (IP) management is an essential business growth strategy. Inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, names and images are examples of IPs and are protected by the law through patents, copyrights and trademarks. This course covers the fundamentals of IP, how you can protect your ideas and invention and why it is an essential part of a business growth strategy.
  • Scientific and Grant Writing
    • This course covers the essence of Scientific and Grant writing that is  relevant to research writing and the writing of grant proposals.
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Experience what it’s like managing a business, facilitated by an industry expert. This practical-oriented course provides participants with the know-how on how to turn business or product ideas into successful commercial ventures.
  • Private Equity (PE) & Fund Raising for Businesses
    • This course provides participants with practical knowledge and competencies to carry out private equity investments and includes key insights into the PE industry.
  • Presentation with Impact and Public Speaking
    • This course covers the essentials of good presentation and public speaking and techniques to design compelling presentations and speeches. Walk away with skills to plan and deliver presentations and speeches with more confidence and greater impact.
  • Leadership with EQ
    • This highly interactive course explores relationship management/engagement skills for leadership effectiveness. Understanding the different personalities around us, participants build on leadership skills that has a positive impact on team dynamics and professional engagements.