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Application Process

The following application process is for reference:

Application Steps

What it is

Apply online

Check that you meet the requirements for the qualification you are applying with and apply within the application period. The online form will require you to provide the following:

  • personal details
  • academic results – high school final exam as well as secondary school/Year 10 results 
  • listing of key co-curricular activities, awards or achievements,
  • testimonial and/or referees’ contact details
  • responses to a few short response questions 

You only need to submit one application form for consideration of admission and scholarship. We do not charge an application fee. Refer to the application guide.


You will generally be notified by end April if you are shortlisted for an admission interview. The interview format may vary depending on your application profile and the programme shortlisted for.

Outcome notification

All applicants will receive an email notification on your admission outcome by mid-May. Upon receiving the email, you will be able to log in to the SUTD Admissions System to view and download your notification of admission (and scholarship, if applicable) outcome letter.




If you wish to appeal against SUTD's admissions decision, you will need to submit an online appeal via the application portal between 11 May 2022 and 24 May 2022. Note that if you had applied with predicted results (except predicted International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma), even after submission of the online appeal, you will still be required to upload your final results within 3 days upon its release before your appeal can be considered.

If you had applied with predicted International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results and wish to appeal against SUTD’s admissions decision, you may submit an online appeal with your actual IB results between 5 July 2022 and 11 July 2022.

Your appeal must represent significant and compelling new academic and/or personal information that was not present at the time of application and which brings merit for reconsideration.

Only applicants who have submitted an application in the current admissions exercise, and have received outcomes of their application may submit an appeal. Appeals can only be submitted here after logging into the SUTD Admissions System. Appeals via any other channels will not be considered.

Acceptance of offer

The deadline to accept our offer will be stated in your offer letter.

Please refer to instructions in the offer letter.


You will be informed on the matriculation details via email after you have accepted our offer. 

Information is correct as of 13 August 2021 and is subject to change.