The University accepts applications from both Science and Arts streams. Our assessment is holistic.

  • Applicants are encouraged to have Mathematics and a Science subject at H2 (for A level), Higher Level (for IB Diploma), Senior High or equivalent level (for international qualifications).
  • Students without Mathematics and a Science subject at H2/Higher Level need to have O-level or equivalent for the subjects, and may be encouraged to take bridging modules before start of term.
  • For students applying under the local polytechnic diploma qualification, those with Engineering, Information Technology, Architecture or Science diplomas; and with competencies in the Math and Science subjects in their secondary, post-secondary or high school  education would be considered more favourably.  Other diplomas types may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Admission to the University is based on merit. Beyond academic standings, other achievements (e.g. demonstration of leadership qualities, active involvement in CCAs, active participation in community projects, etc.) will also be assessed. 
  • The University has also provided the following reference data to help prospective applicants make an informed choice:
    • Of the applicants who were offered admission in the AY2016-2017 SUTD Undergraduate Admissions Exercise

      Subjects taken at H2 level

      Those who took the subject

      Those who scored an A or B