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What is ILP?

The ILP is a bridging programme unique to SUTD. Four preparatory subjects – Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, are offered to students commencing studies in SUTD.

Who is it for?

The programme is designed with the aim of instilling fundamental masteries in math and science in students with no or limited knowledge or who simply desire to have a refresher course in a particular area of study. The bridging classes are optional and you are allowed to take up to the maximum of all four subjects.

How is the class conducted?

The ILP is developed to ensure students' readiness for the Freshmore curriculum as well as provide for a holistic learning experience to enthuse the students about the subjects. While the topics are taught in a compact schedule, each subject will be delivered in a lively and engaging way within an interactive lecture format. This may include inquiry-based and experiential learning through interesting case studies, design experiences, learning journeys and problem-solving so as to better appreciate the theoretical concepts taught.

When does the programme run?

This programme runs from January to April each year before the commencement of the academic year.

How to register?

Before the start of the academic term, SUTD Admissions will email to all students who will be matriculating in the coming academic term detailed information on the ILP, including course descriptions and fees (if any). Students will be invited to register for these optional courses.