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Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees

In addition to tuition fees, students are required to pay the Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees (CMF). These compulsory annual miscellaneous fees are charged for registration to student council, students’ activities, insurance**, sport facilities, IT facilities and academic-related services. The CMF are also payable by students who are away on their Independent Activity Period (IAP), Internship, Co-Curricular Activities and Overseas Exchange Programme. Students are required to pay CMF for 8 terms (i.e. normal course duration). These fees are non-refundable.

The Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees for AY2021 payable by all students charged on a term basis are as follows:

Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees Singapore Citizens (SC)
and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR)

(Inclusive of GST)
International Students

(Inclusive of GST)
One-Time Enrolment Fee to Student Activities & Services (Student Council) S$10.00 S$10.00
Compulsory Miscellaneous Fee per term S$149.50 S$211.00

** Insurance coverage will cease

  • as at date of conferment for graduating students
  • as at leave approval date or leave start date (whichever is later) for students taking Term Leave of Absence (1 term or more). 

More information on Insurance.

Note: The CMF may be subject to change annually in January.

Fee Billing and Payment Modes

Students will receive their bills at the commencement of each term and payment is due 30 days from the commencement of term. An email notification will be sent to the student's SUTD email account when the bill is ready. Students will be able to check their bills via the SUTD student portal.

Students are able to pay their bills via cheque, cashier order, demand draft, GIRO, DBS/POSB ATM, DBS/POSB internet banking and eNETS via the SUTD student portal.

Late Payment Penalties

Late payment fee of S$50.00 will be imposed on the student’s account and negative service indicator (NSI) will be activated if fees remain outstanding for more than 30 calendar days from due date. Upon NSI activation, student will not be able to access MyPortal to view exam results, print transcripts or enrol for modules..

Refund Policy

Students who apply for leave of absence or leave SUTD, either through withdrawal of their own accord or termination of candidature by SUTD, after two weeks from commencement of each term will be liable to pay fees for the entire term. Requests for refund will not be considered.

For billing related enquiries, please write to or call +65 6303 6888.