Our undergraduate programme provides you with exposure to a unique curriculum and pedagogy and different programmes and activities, with the objective to groom you into technically-grounded leaders who will serve societal needs in the area of technology and design.

Unique curriculum and pedagogy

Modern pillars, not traditional disciplines

Our curriculum is modern yet respects and amplifies the traditional emphasis on mathematics and science fundamentals. We offer degree courses in four pillars (or specialisations) that prepare you for roles that involve design, technical leadership and creative thinking. Our four full-time degrees are in the areas of

You will select your pillar (or specialisations) after three terms of common curriculum. Find out more about our degrees

Design-centric education

Design is literally everywhere at SUTD. It covers all technically grounded design, including products, processes, services, and systems that involve the full value chain from conception, development, prototyping, marketing, manufacturing, profitability, maintenance, to sustainability.

Hands-on learning approach

You will experience hands-on and interactive learning where theories are brought to life. Dive into problem sets with mini lectures, video lecturettes, small group recitations, hands-on demos and designettes to explore different concepts in a subject.

Vibrant student life

Fifth Row

Fifth row is what we call co-curricular activities at SUTD because it is the fifth activity you do every term in addition to your four academic subjects. Join diverse activities such as sports, playing in a band, cheerleading, tinkering with electric vehicles and even monitoring share prices with the investment club. Start research projects or work as junior colleagues in a faculty member’s research team or share and impart knowledge to fellow students. 

Summer Programmes

The SUTD undergraduate calendar has two 18-week long summer breaks. During these breaks, you can choose to go on an exchange or internship. You may also opt to start research projects that impact the world or get involved in existing ones; or even participate in competitions.

Hostel Life

There is no dull moment while living on campus. You will create the best memories of your university life and forge lifelong friendships. Enjoy the interactive spaces at our hostel blocks that are designed for project discussion or for you to hang out. The roof top viewing decks are also ideal for barbeques or late night star gazing. We believe a residential programme is essential in encouraging interaction. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to stay on campus in your first three terms. 

Preparing you for industry


Our strong ties with local and international companies provide internship opportunities and bring together campus learning with practical experiences. Knowledge, skills and contacts gained while on internship will be very useful when you are deciding on your future career. 

Career services

Get full support from our dedicated career advisory team. We have in place programmes to prepare you for your internship and interview. Join us at our industry nights and network with potential employers. Visit our career listings and discover the options available for you. 

Entrepreneurship programme

Do not miss our entrepreneurship programme if your dream is to start up a new business venture. You will be equipped with a scientifically-grounded systemic understanding of the social and technological factors and forces that will affect the various necessary decisions and activities throughout the start-up process. 

State-of-art facilities

Do not miss the opportunity to learn and live in our facilities that are purpose-built to support our collaborative and hands-on learning approach. You will have access to tools, machines, and technology that will help bring your design ideas to life. Read on to discover all the facilities available.