Variable/DIY Curriculum

At SUTD, we believe in giving our students the flexibility for different pathways and that one-size does not fit all.
Students customise their curriculum to suit their interests and aspirations through the selection of electives and tracks. They may also add on a Minor of their choice to equip them with additional knowledge beyond their pillar. We also have subjects grouped under different industry sectors that allow students to build a portfolio in their industry of choice.



SUTD has set aside a multi-million dollar budget to spearhead our next phase of growth in three key economic sectors – Aviation, Cities, and Healthcare, supported by capabilities in Artificial Intelligence/Data Science. We will develop a suite of integrated, multi-disciplinary programmes in these growth areas to enhance SUTD’s education offerings, to prepare our graduates for the future economy, and to support national growth priorities.
We have put together different subjects to offer the flexibility to build their portfolio in these sectors.


Tracks guide students in the selection of subjects to build their specialisation within their pillar of choice.


Minors offer students more choices and flexibility in pursuing their broader interests, equipping them with additional knowledge beyond their pillar.  Minors are open to all Engineering students.
SUTD offers 7 minors:

Minor in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Minor in Design Innovation, Ventures and Entrepreneurship (DIVE)
Minor in Engineering Product (EP)
Minor in Engineering Systems (ES)
Minor in Information Systems (IS)
Minor in Digital Humanities (DH)
Minor in Design, Technology and Society (DTS)