The LHL-OAA award is established to recognize post-secondary students who have done well academically and non-academically, particularly those who have made outstanding contributions to the community and demonstrated the spirit of Innovation and Enterprise. 



  1. Fresh SUTD graduate who is a Singapore Citizen.
  2. Excellent academic achievements as well as any national or international academic awards.
  3. Actively involved in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) especially a strong commitment to serving the school/institution, community and society.
  4. Demonstrate the Spirit of Innovation and Enterprise through their CCA or community work.
  5. Display exemplary conduct and be held as role models for their peers.
Tenure On yearly basis.
Repayment No repayment required.
Benefits of the Awards
  1. One-time lump sum of $600.
  2. No bond attached.
  3. Holders of the award may concurrently hold other bursaries or scholarships.
Application Period

Application details and dates to be advised.

Points to note

No application is required as suitable candidates will be nominated by SUTD. 
Shortlisted candidates would be notified accordingly to attend an interview.