SUTD STEP Brochure

The SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP) is aimed at nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders and innovators exhibiting Leadership, Innovation, Venture-mindset, and Engineering (LIVE) values, coupled with a global perspective.

Conducted over 4.5-years, students in this integrated programme will spend a year abroad in both USA and China through immersion in entrepreneurship, undertake a work immersion experience in the Silicon Valley for a term, and finish off with SUTD’s signature team-based Capstone/Masters Technology Entrepreneurship project.

Students will graduate with two degrees from SUTD:

  • A Bachelor of Engineering with a major in one of the three pillars or Bachelor of Science (Architecture and Sustainable Design); AND 
  • A Master of Science in Technology Entrepreneurship

Academic Calendar

The programme in the first six terms will be similar to SUTD’s undergraduate programme.  Thereafter, students will spend first two terms in the US, pursuing entrepreneurship courses in the University of California, Berkeley, followed by an immersion in a start-up working environment in the Bay Area, and then a term in a Chinese university, including Zhejiang University School of Management.

Why Choose STEP

  • Unprecedented opportunity to experience and venture into the realm of Technology Entrepreneurship through immersion in two of the world’s biggest economic powers – USA and China
  • Be exposed to real world experiential learning
  • Potential to be employed in a wide-range of startup industry sectors, be hired as intrapreneurs in MNCs, or even realizing dreams to start your own tech business 

Application, Fees & Scholarships

Application is open to all who fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have outstanding academic results 
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills and leadership potential
  • Are entrepreneurial, innovative, dynamic, resilient, energetic, risk-taking and responsive

In the online application to SUTD, students should indicate their interest in STEP and submit a 300-word response on their experience and interest in entrepreneurship. Shortlisted candidates will also need to attend an interview in-person with a member of SUTD’s senior management team.


“Students admitted to STEP will pay the undergraduate tuition fees for the first 8 terms of the programme; and the prevailing Masters programme tuition fee as at Year 5 for the remaining 2 terms of the programme.”

Up to 30 attractive, bond-free scholarships covering tuition fees and study-related expenses during the one year overseas will be awarded to outstanding Singapore Citizens offered admission to the programme.

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