Special Summer Integrated Learning Programme (SS ILP)

The Special Summer Integrated Learning Programme (SS ILP) is a bridging programme unique to SUTD that aims to provide a review on basic mathematical, science, and computing concepts for university courses so as to smoothen the transitional experience of students.

The SS ILP Mathematics/Physics and SS ILP Chemistry/Biology classes will each run for 10 hours per week over 6 weeks, and the SS ILP Computing will run for 6 hours per week over 6 weeks, from July to August.

Course Outline

SS ILP Mathematics/Physics and SS ILP Chemistry/Biology

The main objective of these classes is to introduce the basic mathematical and science concepts which are necessary for the first year undergraduate courses in SUTD. The topics covered are as follows:

  • Mathematics: functions and limits; trigonometry; vectors; differentiation; and integration.

  • Physics: kinematics; Newton’s laws of motion; work done and energy; impulse and momentum; uniform circular motion; torque.

  • Chemistry: chemical and physical properties of the elements; periodic trends; stoichiometry; chemical bonds; chemical and electrochemical reaction; thermodynamic properties.

  • Biology: cells and organelles, biological-macromolecules, information flow in living system, metabolism and energy in living organism, biodiversity and evolution.

SS ILP Computing

The SS ILP Computing module is specially designed to provide basic coding and programming skills. The topics covered are as follows:

  • Introduction to concepts: programming, coding, algorithms, languages, architecture
  • Coding in Python, using a text editor, a console, and a programming environment
  • Variables, variables types, mathematical expressions, comments, print() and input() functions.
  • Basic booleans and functions
  • Importing functions from basic libraries
  • Memory states in functions
  • Conditional structures, While loops, and infinite loops
  • For loops on lists, for loops on generators (range(), zip(), enumerate()), nested for loops and advanced loop structures, breaking loops, recursion, and the list type
  • Assertions, tests and error messages
  • Debugging practices and typical mistakes in programming
  • The Numpy library and Numpy array type, the string type, the tuple type and the set type
  • Introduction to object-oriented thinking
  • Randomness in Numpy and stochastic programming
  • Handling time in Python

How to register?

Students who have signed up for Early Matriculation 2024 (both Spring and Summer) will receive an official email and registration link from the Office of Admissions by end-June 2024 to register for SS ILP.

Timetable and Fee

To be advised. Please check back for the timetable and fees for EM Summer 2024 closer to date.


  • The dates may be subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Students will be allocated the timetable based on the availability of classes.

  • SS ILP Computing is only available for students with a firm admission offer.

  • Please ensure that you are able to commit fully to the schedule before signing up for the classes. This includes attending the classes on time and completing the assignments in a timely manner.

  • No make-up lessons if you are unable to attend the lessons due to personal reason(s).

Mode of Learning

SS ILP classes will be conducted physically on SUTD campus. In the event of any changes due to unforeseen circumstances, students will be notified ahead of time.