Capstone 2023

SUTD is set up to develop technically-grounded leaders and innovators who will contribute to improving the world. Believing that society is in need of technology-based services, products and systems, SUTD broke from tradition to provide students with a multidisciplinary curriculum delivered via a hands-on, collaborative learning pedagogy and environment.

A key element of this learning philosophy is the Capstone project which aims to crystallize various learnings of a student and gives them a cumulative mastery of all their learning experiences at SUTD.

The Capstone project brings together students from different pillars to work in design teams, contributing their respective expertise and skills to solve real-world challenges. It also provides them with a realistic design situation where projects usually span multiple disciplines and require team-based efforts to create a solution.

Learning Pedagogy

INTEPRET a design problem
  • Capabilities for design reasoning
  • Expertise in planning and design assessment
  • Knowledge of societal responsibilities
  • Creative-thinking and judgment capability
  • Teamwork capability
  • Communications skills
EXPRESS awareness of continuous self-development and learning

Programme Schedule for Capstone 2023

September 2022 to March 2023 Sourcing & Scoping of Capstone Projects
April 2023 Finalise Capstone Projects
June 2023 Project Selection by Students 
June 2023 Results of Selections
September 2023 Start of Capstone
April 2024 End of Capstone