Master of Architecture

Master of Engineering

Master of Science

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Engineering

The SUTD academic regalia consists of a traditional robe, a hood and a mortarboard with tassel.

SUTD’s robes are black and designed to be worn closed. Both the bachelor and master’s robes have sleeves which are square at the end. The master’s robe has red velvet facings on the front of the gown.

All hoods are black with a coloured velvet trim representing the field of study. A golden yellow trim for Bachelor of Science and Master of Science, an orange trim for Bachelor and Master of Engineering, and a brown trim for Master of Architecture. The thickness of the trim represents the level of degree of study. The trim is two inches for the bachelor’s degrees and three inches for the master’s degrees. The inner hoods are lined with white satin and red velvet, representing the university’s colours.

Mortarboards are black, and with a black tassel. The tassel is moved from right to left after the degree is awarded.